House of the Dragon: a deleted scene showed the ceremony of the “Kingsguard”

House of the Dragon: a deleted scene showed the ceremony of the “Kingsguard”

“What if we made it a secret society?”

The script for episode 2 of House of the Dragon could have had original fun with the world of George RR Martin. “The Rogue Prince,” included a since-deleted sequence, which would have featured the induction ceremony of Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) as official protector of Rhaenyra Targaryen.

“Choosing your Kingsguard, your bodyguard, is very important. It’s indicative of this time – when they haven’t seen war for over half a century. Viserys is giving up on this really important choice for his daughter , to try to make her feel like she has weight and importance” analyzes the showrunner Ryan Condal in the official book House of the Dragon: Inside the Creation of a Targaryen Dynasty, behind the scenes of production, to be released next January. “It’s a story of small choices that lead to big things. She chooses Criston Cole, who later becomes the reason she was nearly disinherited, and becomes one of her worst enemies.”

The induction ceremony was originally scheduled to take place in front of a crowd of spectators, but schedule and budget constraints prevented this.

“So we thought, ‘What if we make this a secret society? What if we do this under cover of night? It’s almost like Criston joining a secret order, that’s how we got it. discussed”, says ‘the director of episode 2, Greg Yaitanes.

The sequence was shot in the throne room of Red Keep for three hours with Considine, Alcock, Frankel, McTavish and the actors portraying the other Kingsguard knights. Viserys officiated the ceremony while Ser Criston, surrounded by his future brothers, swore not to hold any title, land, or father children. Rhaenyra was also present, proudly watching the scene.

“It’s a touching scene, a moment of father-daughter bonding where Viserys and Rhaenyra are engaged in activity together, and it’s a beautiful scene for Cole too. It’s really the moment when Cole is introduced to the family. Targaryen!”

The scene was ultimately cut for narrative reasons, because “it was totally off the mark to include such a victory for Rhaenyra before Dragonstoneexplains the showrunner.That victory was to be Rhaenyra flying on Syrax’s back to put down her uncle Daemon (Matt Smith) after he stole a dragon egg. We had to see her claiming the ancestral castle of Targaryen power and telling him that Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno) would be his wife.“The “Kingsguard” ceremony would therefore have risked weakening the power of this major scene of House of the Dragon – which happens at the end of the same episode.

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