How does Plus Belle la Vie end?

How does Plus Belle la Vie end?

How does Plus Belle la Vie end?

A comeback, full of weddings, a slap in the face, a flash mob and a trouple…

We will be nothing without her, starting today. More beautiful life, It’s finish. After 18 years, the last episode was broadcast on Friday evening, on France 3, in front of 2.80 million viewers. A great final bonus that offered a real conclusion to most of the characters. So how does it end More beautiful life ?

By a big “flashmob” organized by Sylvia with all the characters, partying on the Place du Mistral!

But before that, in this special 1h40 episode, entitled “Seven weddings for a funeral”, we had a string of “yes”!

In detail, François makes his request to Blanche, for the second time. Kevin proposed to Vanessa in marriage. Estelle and Francesco, engaged for 3 years, were finally able to pass in front of the Mayor after Djawad – who tried to recover his beauty – understood that it would not happen again. He therefore sacrificed himself to get Francesco out of prison (before packing up and going on the run) and allowing him to go and marry Estelle.

For her part, Mirta decided to settle with Yolande to help her financially… the same day her daughter Luna was to marry Bastien. A union that has been turned upside down by the spectacular return of the historic Guillaume Leserman. After a few improbable twists and turns (Guillaume had amnesia when he came back), he ended up winning Luna back, who still loves Bastien and who has therefore decided to get in a relationship with… both of them! It is therefore a troubled which is formed at the end of More beautiful lifesymbolically dubbed by the Mayor.

But the star of this finale of More beautiful life was Barbara. After discovering that Abdel was the real father of her little boy, she did everything to sabotage his future marriage with Elisa. And she succeeded because in the last moments, Abdel ended up going to find Barbara. Barbara took a slap from her rival, but the two got married right away on the Place du Mistral. THE END.

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