How to change specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

How to change specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Over the years, changing stats has become easier and easier in World of Warcraft.

They want you to fully experience the class of your character and not be bound by restrictions. In Dragonflight, changing your specialization is as easy as pressing a button.

However, there are many tricks you should know to make life much easier. Things like talent uploads, settings, action bar customizations, and lots of useful features can help you save time.

Here is a quick guide on how to change your specialization in Dragonflight and everything you need to know about changing your specialization.

What are specializations?

Specializations are essentially different class builds that allow your player to change their play style or even roles.

Some classes have two or four specializations, while most classes have three. Each specialization can have a role reversal between tank, healer and fighter.

For example, the Druid class has four specializations – Guardian, Restoration, Feral, and Balance.

Guardian Druids will be your tank role; Restoration druids will be your healer role, while feral and balance druids will be your DPS roles, divided into melee DPS and ranged DPS.

Other classes, such as the Mage class, have three specializations – Fire, Ice, and Arcane.

All of these specializations are DPS roles, but this changes your entire DPS rotation for each specialization. Some specializations have the best single target damage, while others have insane area of ​​effect damage.

How to change specialization

To change a specialization, you need to press “N” to open the Talents and Specializations window. Naturally, the talent tree tab will open, so you need to click on the specialization tab at the bottom left of the window.

On the Specializations tab, you can see each specialization for your current class. You can activate any specialization you want, and it will automatically change after applying.

Keep in mind that changing your specialization during a raid or dungeon changes your role, but it’s not necessarily noticeable unless you tell your raid about it.

In random groups, you want to call this out or ask for permission because role queuing and mid-raid changes are pretty rude or disrespectful to everyone.

When you change your specialization, your hotbars will change. Since you will have a new set of skills or abilities, you will need to customize your hotbars for each specialization .

Once you set up shortcuts for a particular specialization, it will stay that way every time you switch back to the same specialization.

It’s best to fix every specialization you have before promoting any content so you don’t have trouble fixing things during the battle and making everyone wait.

How to change talents

How to change specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight - How to change specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Changing talents in Dragonflight just got a whole lot easier. With all of the reworked talents in Dragonflight, it’s incredibly beneficial to the overall player quality of life to allow everyone to be free to change talents whenever they want without any requirement.

Previously, you had to use tomes and codices or be in the city to change your talents. But in Dragonflight, you just need to open your talent tree by pressing “N”. Right-click on each talent you want to revoke and return the points to the relevant talents.

Some talents give you an active ability or skill, making it much more difficult to control. If you have a specific skill set for a specific key binding, deleting that skill for a passive skill unlocks it.

It takes some time to get used to small changes to your keyboard shortcuts or rotations, but it’s definitely helpful to have a static or fixed key binding to help you remember your rotations better.

How to set up download

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There is a huge amount of content available in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Most of this content is achieved when you level up quickly and reach max level.

In PvP, you have a special talent build. For PvE it can be split between raids or dungeons or even single target damage or AoE (multi-target).

If you’re a fire mage, you’ll want to add Flamestrike to your multi-target or AoE rotation, but in single-target fights, it’s mostly useless.

You have talents that buff your AoE damage, but that means sacrificing other areas like single target damage.

This is definitely different for each class and specialization. That’s why you have to customize the download.

Gear makes changing talents as easy as pressing a single button. All you have to do in the first place is set up a talent build for the specific content you want to use in the build.

Once your talent build is set up, you need to click on the drop-down text bar on the bottom left side of the talent tab. Select “New Gear” and enter a build name.

To customize other equipment, rearrange all your talents again. After creating another set of talents, click on the same “New Equipment” and enter a different name for it.

If you end up hitting another saved load, it will change to that saved talent load, so keep that in mind.

You can create multiple downloads for each content.

How to change specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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