How to complete the World Cup in the Netherlands, USA, Showdown SBC

How to complete the World Cup in the Netherlands, USA, Showdown SBC

Brenden Aaronsohn and Steven Bergwijn receive SBCs for the World Championship showdown ahead of the USA vs Netherlands match. Here’s how to do it.

  • Is the World Cup Showdown worth it?

Brenden Aaronson and Steven Bergwijn have a really interesting fight at the World Championship FIFA 23 SBC before the match between the Netherlands and the USA this weekend. They are relatively accessible and both maps have a chance to improve if their team wins. They also have a higher ranking (86) compared to the IPC in the World Cup group stage.

This quick guide gives an overview of how to complete each map, how much they cost with the required players, and a detailed overview of the map’s stats. We also give a general overview of whether these cards are worth coins/feed or not.


How much does SBC Showdown cost?

Each SBC costs about 50,000 . Given that cards can be upgraded to 88 with a win, this is only 20k is below the price of 88 on the market, which costs about 30k.

How to Perform PKI Showdown

Here are the squad requirements for each map.

Brenden Aaronson Stephen Bergwein
  • 83 rated squad with TOTW player
  • rating 83 team with player TOTW
  • team rated 84
    • players with a rating of 84 are currently selling about 3k.
  • squad rated 84, no special requirements
    • Players with a rating of 84 are currently selling for around $3,000.

These are relatively affordable single board computers. this can probably be completed with your club as it doesn’t require higher ranked players of 85, 86 or 87.

Filling is still at an all-time high. , including 84 ranked players. You may want to save these basemaps for more interesting SBCs in the future, although that is entirely up to you.

Should you complete the PKI World Cup Showdown?

Look closer at both cards.

Brenden Aaronson Stephen Bergwein
  • Tempo 93Acceleration 95
  • Tempo 92
  • 80 shots88 position shots and 81 long range shots
  • 85 shots. strength at level 92
  • 90 dribblingwith key stats of balance 96 and agility 98 , great FIFA meta stats
  • Dribbling 89balance 95, but agility 85, which is a strange division – also poor composure at 83
  • 82 passesincluding 90 Vision and 83 Short Pass
  • 82 passesgreat for a striker, with 86 short passes
  • No Traits Mentioned, Four Stars, Skills, Three Stars, Weak Leg
  • Flair, Outside Leg Shot, Four Star Moves, Three Star Weak Leg

At first glance, both cards have certain strengths. Aaronson’s dribbling is a highlightwhile Bergwijn’s power and dribbling really stand out.

Who is more likely to win the game between the Netherlands and the USA? At the moment, the probability of winning the Netherlands is about 50%, which guarantees a promotion for Bergwijn. However, this World Cup was full of surprises, so it’s really a gamble and who knows what could happen.

How are Showdown cards improved?

It’s pretty simple: if the team wins, the card gets a +2 upgrade base. The card of the losing team remains the same as its SBC. So both maps will get players rated 88 and their stats will go up across the board.


Both IPCs are relatively affordable, with Bergwijn being the outstanding card here. While he’s hard to tie (playing for Ajax in the Eredivisie), there are fantastic cards to use alongside the Netherlands (Van Dijk and various icons and heroes), as well as some really decent Eredivisie cards like Gakpo. Aaronson is a solid choice for the Premier League’s CAM role, though the US makes it hard to tie this card to anything decent. Of the two, if you’re thinking about completing one, then Bergwijn is the safest choice here, both for a rewarding card and an enjoyable 88-rated feed.

How to complete the World Cup in the Netherlands, USA, Showdown SBC

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