How to Counter the Destruction Deck in Marvel Snap

How to Counter the Destruction Deck in Marvel Snap

One of the most common decks any Marvel Snap player will come across is all about the Destroy ability. This is the first strategy deck that most players will learn how to build at the very beginning of the game. In online matches, you’ll face a lot of Carnage and Nova, so it’s important to learn how to counter this common deck build.

Defeating the Destruction Deck in Marvel Snap

A typical destruction deck is based on several cards that activate when destroyed, and a couple of catalysts that destroy everything that is nearby. You can say you’re up against an annihilation deck as soon as your opponent plays Nova, Bucky Barnes, or Wolverine. Once any of these cards are revealed, you can be sure Carnage or Deathlok is on the way.

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The problem with Destroy Deck is that they require a lot of tweaking and must be done correctly. The Destroy Deck user must put their early cards in the right places to destroy them and bring them back stronger. One of the easiest ways to defeat an Obliteration player is to let them place Wolverine, Bucky Barnes, and Sabretooth, and then block off the area.

By placing Armor, you can prevent destruction of any card in a certain area. Under certain circumstances, you can play Professor X by blocking the area and making it impossible for the enemy to move on. Cosmo the Space Dog can also disable On Reveal abilities. Leech can remove abilities from any card in the opponent’s hand, turning off the strategy near its climax. Any of these options will prevent your opponent from carrying out his plan.

Destruction decks tend to be very predictable. Another way to counter their play style is to use cards that rely on knowing where your opponent will put the card. Each member of the Guardians of the Galaxy has an ability that depends on whether your opponent puts a card on the same lane. Since they will have to use their Destroyer cards, you can almost always call them and benefit from a good read.

Finally, the Destroyer deck requires a fair amount of commitment. There are only six turns in the game and only twelve cards in the deck, so a lot of res need to be spent on customizing and strengthening your best cards. if you are destroy one of their strongest weaponsthey would rather give up than lose. Shang Chi is an extremely powerful option in this situation. Destruction decks are often built around summoning Death, which has great power but can only be summoned after a few destructions have occurred. If they manage to get her out, kill her with Shang-Chi burn their entire game plan.

The counter to deck destruction in Marvel Snap is to interrupt a simple strategy that makes an opponent’s deck great. Simply lock down locations, remove their “On Discovery” abilities, predict their actions, and destroy their best tools to make that early game mainstay a lot less powerful.

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How to Counter the Destruction Deck in Marvel Snap

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