How to defeat Gym Leader Enigmara

How to defeat Gym Leader Enigmara

On your journey through the world of Pokémon Crimson & Crimson you can prove yourself in duels with a total of eight arena leaders. We already recommended you before the ideal order of the arenas and now we want you some Tips for the third arena fight give.

You deny this Gym Leader Enigmarathat you can meet in Fermanca City. In order to The way of the champ To take the next step, you must defeat their Electric-type Pokémon.

An electrifying live show

Of course, you can’t compete against them immediately, you have to do one first Arena Trial graduate Because Enigmara too a successful influencer is, you should first help your opponent with her new show. You must on three stills the Find Schlendermann (Director Clavel)..

After you’ve done that, you can return to the Fermanca City Arena and the Challenge Gym Leader. Unlike her two colleagues Ronah and Colzo send them four Pokemon against you in battle. The duel therefore lasts a little bit longer. She will open your confrontation with voltrel (Level 23) which is vulnerable to Ice and Rock attacks.

After that she will Wampitz (Level 23) and Luxio (Level 23) use against you. Both are Electric-type Pokémon and therefore have one Weakness to ground-type attacks. Her latest pocket monster is dream magil (level 24) has. This has no real weakness. Ideally, you have a strong Pokémon on your team that can dish out damage properly.

Once you’ve successfully put all four Pokémon in their place, Gym Leader will give you Enigmara their Electro Badge and a new TM as a reward. She also poses with you for a nice souvenir photobefore you can move on to the next arena.

Which pocket monsters are waiting for you there and we you against the ones located there next gym leader goes down particularly well in “Pokémon Crimson & Crimson”, we’ll of course tell you in our other guides to the open world adventure.

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There’s also a new commemorative photo to commemorate your success © The Pokémon Company/PlayCentral

“Pokémon Crimson & Crimson” are since November 18, 2022 Available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

How to defeat Gym Leader Enigmara

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