How to defeat the Demonhost in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

How to defeat the Demonhost in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

The Demonhost is one of several unique bosses that players can encounter during missions in Darktide. Demonhosts only appear in certain missions during blackoutalso called Power interruption. During the event, the entire map will be almost completely dark and hard to see. Players also have to deal with random boss fights where they have to banish the Demonhost, but Demonhost can be difficult to deal with. Here’s how to defeat the Demonhost in Warhammer 40k Darktide.

Warhammer 40k Darktide Boss Guide – How to Defeat the Demonhost

If you want to defeat the Demonhost boss during the blackout mission, you must damage him until he disappears about four times. Dealing damage to the boss is easy enough since all you have to do is focus fire on him along with the rest of your team, but just focusing fire on the boss won’t be enough. Of course, if you deal enough damage to the boss, they will eventually disappear, but that won’t help at least one or two of your teammates survive the fight.

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In short, when players encounter a Demonhost, one of the four players gets target and kill quickly because the boss will relentlessly attack with fast attacks that deal heavy damage. The Demonhost will keep attacking until one player is downed, which happens fairly quickly in most cases. Therefore, you must have at least one Skullbreaker class on your team with the Slab Shield equipped. The player who is the Skullbreaker must use the unique defensive ability that the Slab Shield has.

How to defeat the Demonhost in Darktide Warhammer 40k - How to defeat the Demonhost in Darktide - Warhammer 40k
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A unique defensive ability allows Skullbreakers to block almost all damage while their stamina is full. However, if you want to defeat the Demonhost in Darktide, use the Slab Shield ability to block almost all of the Demonhost’s damage while your friends focus fire on it.

But before using this method, we recommend that you be in a full squad or play at least three friends, since this method will require teamwork to implement. You can also solo with the boss using this method if you are of the Skullbreaker class, just use the in-game chat to let your teammates know you want to tank the Demonhost.

How to get a slab shield in Warhammer 40k Darktide

To get the Slab Shield in Warhammer 40k Darktide, you must first unlock it by reaching Confidence level 11 Ogryn Skullbreaker class. Around level 11 in the trust level system, the Slab Shield will start appearing in the Armory for a varying amount of in-game money.

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How to defeat the Demonhost in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

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