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How to Disable Windows 11 Startup Apps

How to Disable Windows 11 Startup Apps

Want to speed up your computer or laptop on Windows 11 to make it even faster? One way we can do this is to turn off applications that are considered unimportant at first startup of Windows 11.

Many users complain that a computer/lapto with the Windows 11 operating system when booting or when the device is first turned on takes quite a long time.

It’s not just a matter of the specifications of the device itself, one of the other reasons why the Windows 11 loading process is slow is due to applications that run automatically when the computer is on.

So, when more and more applications are installed and also start automatically when the computer starts, the longer the windows loading process will take.

So this time I will give some tips on how to turn off unnecessary applications at startup.

How to Turn Off Unnecessary Applications at Windows 11 Startup

As we discussed earlier, turning off unnecessary applications at Windows 11 startup can increase the loading speed at boot.

And here are the steps to turn off applications that run automatically the first time the computer is turned on.

  1. First enter the Taskbar Manager menu by pressing the button on the keyboard “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” simultaneously
  2. After pressing the keyboard shortcut key, a Windows Task Manager box menu will appear
    How to Disable Windows 11 Startup Apps - How to Disable Windows 11 Startup Apps
  3. Next select the named menu tab Startups and pay attention to the status column
  4. There are some applications that show running automatically on boot with a description enable and disabled
  5. Finally, please select an application or program that is not important and just turn it off by right-clicking on the program and then selecting the button “Disabled”
  6. Disabling unnecessary applications can help increase Windows 11 loading at startup or boot

Some of the applications that we recommend turning off at boot are like Chrome, Internet Download Manager (IDM), Discord, and so on. We can open it when we need it.

However, it would be better if we disabled all startup applications so that the Windows 11 startup boot becomes super fast and non-slow.

Just like that, how to disable startup, it is guaranteed that if you apply the method above, Windows 11 will be super fast. Don’t believe ? please prove yourself.

If it’s not fast enough, make sure you’ve read our article about speeding up Windows 11 easily. Thank you for visiting, don’t forget to comment.

How to Disable Windows 11 Startup Apps

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