How to get hamburgers in Pokemon crimson and purple?

How to get hamburgers in Pokemon crimson and purple?

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, players have the opportunity to assemble a wide range of different sandwiches, each capable of strengthening its party and offering its own passives. To make the sandwiches you first need to find the right ingredients like onions, lettuce, ham and of course hamburgers. But where do you get hamburgers? To answer that and more, Here’s where to find hamburgers in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson, and how to get them.

How to get hamburgers in Pokemon crimson and purple?

Similar to many other sandwich ingredients in the game, You can buy hamburgers on Pokemon Crimson and Crimson by going to any Deli Cioso store are located throughout the Paldea region. It’s important to point out that the ingredient only becomes available after you’ve earned at least a few Arena Badges, and isn’t available in other stores no matter how far you progress in the games.

Once the ingredient is available, you can purchase it for 380 Pokédollars / League Points each.

Deli Cioso shop by Artazon. PICTURE: The Pokemon Company.

Among all the sandwiches that use this ingredient, we highly recommend you to make both the Great Tower Sandwich, which increases the total XP of Steel-type Pokémon, and the Ultra Spicy-Sweet Sandwich, which increases your chance of becoming dragons find Pokemon in the games. Check out our guide to all Scarlet and Purple Pokémon sandwich recipes for how to make both of the sandwiches above, as well as any others in the game.

Where can you find Deli Cioso shops?

You can find Deli Cioso stores in the cities of Masagoza, Cortondo, Artazon, Levinvia, Cascarrafa, Porto Marinada, Medali and Montenevera.

you can play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

– This article was updated on November 29, 2022

How to get hamburgers in Pokemon crimson and purple?

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