How to unlock the whistle emote in Lost Ark

How to unlock the whistle emote in Lost Ark

While you come through Lost Ark, complete missions and quests, and explore the vast map, you will be rewarded with various things. While these items are sometimes incredibly useful to you, like wood and crafting materials, others are generally just used as a gimmick, an emote. But since Lost Ark is such a fun game to play in company, an emote can sometimes be an amusing way of conversation, so you must have one for every emotion. The whistle emote can be unlocked as players level up, so read on to find out how to add it to your collection.

When do you unlock the whistle emote in Lost Ark?

To begin the journey to unlocking the whistle emote, you must level up your character until you reach 50, which will unlock Una’s tasks. To complete these tasks, you must go to the Azure Wind Island and start the central quest line. Once you reach Azure Wind Mane, you can focus on the final part of the mission: completing and repeating the Ruffians in the Ground quest until you have a level 3 reputation. Once this is accomplished, you will be rewarded with the Whistle Emote.

However, unlike most emotes in Lost Ark, the Whistle emote serves a purpose. You can use this emote to establish a relationship with an NPC in Nia named Nagi. If you use the whistle emote around her, you’ll slowly build your friendship, and she’ll quickly shower you with gifts. Of course, these rewards will vary based on the strength of your relationship, but Nagi is also a fantastic of gold and will reward any dedicated player. So if you’re looking for some extra cash, you might need to whistle away and dig into your good books.

Lost Ark is available on PC.

– This article was updated on December 22, 2022

How to unlock the whistle emote in Lost Ark

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