How to View Instagram Bio History

How to View Instagram Bio History

How to View Instagram Bio History

This time I will give a tutorial on how to easily view the history of Instagram’s previous bio.

Instagram bio is text on Instagram that aims to describe your IG account so that people know what the purpose of your account is on social media.

Lots of unique bios with creative writing and even funny characters and emojis that can enter your Instagram profile.

With an interesting bio on your IG profile, it will entice other people to follow your Instagram account. However, often we have made a bio that seems interesting but are hesitant to use it and after that it is even more suitable to use the old bio.

However, humans sometimes forget what they did before, and forget the contents of the Instagram bio that was made. But don’t worry, we can see the previous Instagram bio very easily.

Here’s how to see Instagram bio history easily and quickly.

Steps to View Instagram Bio History

We can reuse the Instagram bio that was previously used by looking back at the bio history on Instagram.

Here’s how to easily view Instagram bio history.

  1. Open the Instagram Application.
  2. Select the Instagram profile menu.
    How to View Instagram Bio History - How to View Instagram Bio History
  3. Next select 3 line menus horizontal in the top right corner.
  4. Next select menu “Your activity“.
  5. After that select the menu Account History.
  6. Finally look for the bio that you have used before.
  7. Done.


So, I think that’s how to see the Instagram bio history that you used in the past or just used it but forgot.

It’s very easy isn’t it, besides that Instagram bio can also be made more attractive with special characters such as small letters above letters, star characters, emoticons, various fonts and so on.

With a good Instagram bio, the chances of being followed by other people’s accounts will be great and you might become a celebrity later.

Good luck and good luck.

How to View Instagram Bio History

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