is a season 3 planned on Netflix?

is a season 3 planned on Netflix?

Available from this Friday, December 2, 2022 on Netflix, the series Always there for you which describes over several decades the unfailing friendship between Kate and Tully, should bring together many subscribers tonight on their small screen. And for good reason, season 1 broadcast in February 2021 and created by Maggie Friedman had been a resounding success. But while season 2 reveals itself with its share of twists and intense emotions, no doubt you have noticed that this second part only included 9 episodes against 10 for the previous season. We explain why in this article!

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Always there for you: is the series renewed for a season 3?

If usually, it is necessary to wait before knowing if Netflix will give the green light or not for the renewal of a series, things are different for Always there for you. Indeed, last October, the platform of streaming stated that the series would not have a season 3. But, there is a but…. (and for once it’s pretty cool!)

Indeed, perhaps you noticed it in the preview of the December release calendar, the American giant had mentioned the series in the following way: Always there for you – Season 2 – Part 1.

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This means that if there is no season 3, subscribers can on the other hand expect to find the two good friends in a part 2 which should normally be composed of seven additional episodes.

When will ‘Always There For You’ Season 2 Part 2 be released on Netflix?

To date, no official release date has been announced by Netflix. But according to our estimates, part 2 of season 2 should not arrive before September. 2023 to close the beautiful story of friendship between Tully and Kate.

is a season 3 planned on Netflix?

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