Is your PS4 too loud? We give you a few tips!

Is your PS4 too loud? We give you a few tips!

Is your PlayStation 4 roaring like crazy? Can’t hear your ringer because the PS4 Pro is so loud? We have a few tips to minimize the volume!

Is your PS4 too loud We give you a few - Is your PS4 too loud?  We give you a few tips!

the PlayStation 4 is still present in many living rooms, but one or the other model has been there for a long time. If you turn on an older PS4, you may hear an extremely loud boot up of the console, which calms down again as soon as you get to the menu. However, that is PlayStation menu delayed for a few more seconds, buttons still not responding and you have to be patient for a moment.

It only gets really crazy when you start a game that has high requirements, for example one Call of Duty Title. Depending on the case, a PS4 Pro can sound like a Overheated engine. Our PS4 Pro was sometimes so loud that I didn’t notice that a hornet had flown onto my shoulder.

Ok, so much for that, but what can you do about it?

The reason why the PlayStation roars so blatantly is simply because it is dirty and dusty, possibly even from the outside of the ventilation slots! To improve this, you need to clean your PlayStation console inside and out. But please do not use a high-pressure cleaner, water or the like!

First of all, grab a vacuum cleaner and suck up all the dust you can find. Starts with the air vents Outside. If you decide to open the case, you must first of all Fan / cooler To clean. Depending on how skilled you are, you can get a T8 Torx screwdriver and get a little closer to the fan.

danger! If you open your PlayStation console, you may have voided the warranty. You should also be aware that you can also cause unwanted damage!

There are also other tips for replacing the thermal paste. But fact is: We disassembled, cleaned and petted our PS4 Pro. The result was not satisfactory! The menu navigation worked better and the volume went down a bit. But it wasn’t like new!

If you decide to get a new console, make sure you keep it clean from the start! Grab a vacuum once a week and pull all the dust out of the vents, on the outside. This minimizes the dirt that gets inside!

Is your PS4 too loud? We give you a few tips!

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