List of God of War Ragnarok chapters - List of God of War: Ragnarok chapters

List of God of War: Ragnarok chapters

List of God of War: Ragnarok chapters

Total in God Of War Ragnarok 18 chapters, each of which is part of the Path, the main narrative of the game. In the story, you explore different worlds, interact with new and returning characters, complete various tasks and fight difficult bosses. All chapters vary in length and none of them can be skipped.

We’ve compiled a list of all the chapters in the game below, but please note that some of their titles may hint at certain plot twists and may appear to be spoilers, so proceed at your own discretion.

Chapters in God Of War Ragnarok

  1. Survive in Fimbulwinter
  2. Finding Tyr
  3. old friends
  4. Groas’ Secret
  5. Lost Asylum
  6. Pay
  7. Fugitive
  8. Into the fire
  9. word of fate
  10. Forge fate
  11. Unleashing Hel
  12. reunion
  13. Creatures of Prophecy
  14. Mask unlock
  15. The Hunt for Solace
  16. Call
  17. Kingdoms at War
  18. Beyond Ragnarok

Although there is no chapter selection, the game’s final chapter – Beyond Ragnarok – serves as an epilogue, allowing you to return to previous areas, solve the remaining puzzles, and find all the missing collectibles.

This is important for those who want to get platinum in the game; must go back as most collectibles and some additional content are locked behind abilities that are only unlocked later in the game.

List of God of War: Ragnarok chapters

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