Look carefully, because there are Easter Eggs from the manga and anime

Look carefully, because there are Easter Eggs from the manga and anime

Many fans are waiting spellbound for the start of the live action series too one piece, which will be available on Netflix soon. In the series we will once again experience the beginnings of the adventures of Luffy and Co., but this time with real actors.

In a conversation with YouTuber Nux Taku could Executive Producer Matt Owens some new secrets about the live-action series will be elicited, which viewers will probably have to take a closer look at.

One Piece (Netflix) contains Easter Eggs

Owens revealed that the fandom should take a close look at the film series. Because be everywhere Easter eggs hidden, alluding to the manga and anime series:

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So should we, for example Bounty factsheets, newspaper clippings and every little one dialog take a closer look or listen. Owen even recommends some positions to pause and to take screenshots, as some things will probably only be visible in the picture for a short time and so exciting Easter Eggs could be missed.

What could be shown? Maybe some are allusions to the plot to see that have not yet appeared in the manga. As the manga is slowly coming to an end, the Easter Eggs could convey important messages that give us clues about the grand finale could give.

So if you are going to watch the series, you should try to pay attention to every little detail. Even if there are no new insights for the plot, it will still be fun Easter eggs to identify.

When will the live action series of One Piece start on Netflix? For this we have to be patient for a little longer, because so far there is still no official start date known. Even the YouTuber could not elicit any further details from Owens.

It remains to be seen if Netflix will have a second season will be commissioned for the live-action series. Since the series only shows the beginnings of Luffy’s adventures in the East Blue will be on display, there is still a lot of material that will be in One Piece (Netflix) could show up.

Look carefully, because there are Easter Eggs from the manga and anime

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