New Alliances – Ubisoft surprises with release date, game modes and more

New Alliances – Ubisoft surprises with release date, game modes and more

After some back and forth, the latest version of The settlers. Now reported Ubisoft with surprising news.

In 2018 there was first announcement about a reboot of the popular strategy game, the release of which was planned for autumn 2019. This was then postponed to summer 2020. At the beginning of 2022 the time had come: one Pre-release of the building game was published – and by the community torn in the air.

The criticisms of the fans were apparently taken to heart. So the game under the name “The Settlers: New Alliances” has some Innovations regarding game modes and platforms receive. Also, there is a new release date.

The Settlers: New Alliances – This is new

Creative Director Christian Hagedorn presents the latest developer update in a video. It mentions, among other things, three different modes:

  • Solo campaign: The classic single player is about the people of the Elariwho are forced to flee their homes. In search of new landon which they can settle, they must “Face many challenges, from being raided by ruthless bandits to discovering the new culture of these lands.”
  • Extreme mode: As the name suggests, this mode should be extreme, because the AI ​​​​should get through numerous modifiers and conditions even “put the best players to the test.” If you can’t do it alone, you can here together with friends to play.
  • battle: In this game mode you can up to eight players simultaneously compete against the AI. For the launch it should be for the battle 12 cards be available.

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In addition, the new settler game is not only coming for the first time for PC, but also for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. That’s why cross play and cross progression planned. The multiplayer mode can be played across platforms and the respective progress can be saved independently of the device.

When will The Settlers: New Alliances be released?

“The Settlers: New Alliances” is scheduled for February 17, 2023 appear. In the Epic Games Store the standard editionas well as one deluxe version be pre-ordered. It can therefore be assumed that there will be no further postponement.

In the coming weeks, the developer studio wants the present individual elements in more detail in streams. The first should skirmish mode show and finds on December 1 from 4 p.m. on Twitch instead of.

New Alliances – Ubisoft surprises with release date, game modes and more

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