New films and series in December 2022

New films and series in December 2022

New films and series in December 2022

DisneyPlus expands the program in December with new films, series and documentaries. The innovations here include Disney Originals and productions from the company Marvel, star Wars, National Geographic and more. You can find the list of all new products in the German Disney Plus program here.

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New films and series in December 2022 on Disney Plus

Christmas is just around the corner and Disney is announcing a wealth of new and classic film and series highlights for the whole family to match the celebration of love.

Here is a small overview Christmas on Disney+:

  • 2 December: Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays (music concert)
  • December 2nd: Mickey Mouse: Donald the Christmas duck
  • December 2nd: Mickey and Minnie: The Christmas Wish
  • December 9th: Weekend Family: Christmas Special

In addition, since the end of November Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special such as LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and the new series Santa Clause as a sequel to the film series with Tim Allen and many other Christmas titles.

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The first series is also new in December The Legacy of Montezuma based on the popular film series “Legacy of the Knights Templar” with Nicolas Cage from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who also developed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series for Disney.

Disney Plus: These are the new films in December 2022

  • December 2: Our Only Chance
  • December 2nd: Greg’s Diary 2: Having trouble?
  • December 9: Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage?
  • December 9: Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah returns
  • December 9: Darby and the Dead
  • December 9: Bridget Jones’ baby
  • December 16: Le Pupille
  • December 16: Doctor Games
  • December 16: Plan B
  • December 16: If These Walls Could Sing
  • December 28: Barbarian
  • December 28: Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl
  • December 30: The Cave

Disney Plus: These are the new series in December 2022

  • December 2: The Housewife & the Shah Shocker
  • December 7: The Come Up
  • December 14: Boston Legal (Season 1-5)
  • December 14: The Legacy of Montezuma (Season 1)
  • December 14: Murder by God
  • December 14: Between the World and Us
  • December 14: The Net – Power Play
  • December 21: The Top Ten of the 80s
  • December 21: Mayday – Alarm in the Cockpit (Season 21)
  • December 21: This Fool
  • December 28: Tell Me Lies

New films and series in December 2022

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