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Nikkita Chadha Wikipedia, Biography, Wife, Origin, Husband, New Boyfriend, Height, Child and More

Nikkita Chadha Wikipedia, Biography, Wife, Origin, Husband, New Boyfriend, Height, Child and More

Nikkita Chadha is a British actress and model. His parents are from India. This woman is a new movie star. Chadha is a trained artist. She retired from business for a few years. In 2019, she directed her first film entitled “Aladdin”.

Wikipedia, biography of Nikkita Chadha

Nikkita Chadha


Nikkita Chadha is from London, UK.

Chadha graduated from high school in 2008. The lady graduated from Urdang Academy. It is a dance and music academy located in central London.

Physical appearance, height, age of Nikkita Chadha

Nikkita Chadha taille

Nikkita is 1m70 tall and weighs 55kg.

Nikkita Chadha age

She was born on May 10, 1990 – Taurus.

Nikkita Chadha physical appearance

His hair and eyes are black.

Chadha is an Indian beauty. She has very large and beautiful black eyes. The particularity of his face is his dominant eyebrows. She is very hot and it shows in her bikini pictures.

Nikkita Chadha’s Family, Ethnicity and Relationships

Family – parents, siblings

There is very little information about his parents and siblings. She never gave a photo of a family member. But lately, she has been seen making TikTok videos with her dad. We also learned that his sister is called Anoushka Chadha.

Nikkita Chadha’s Relationship: Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Boyfriend and Children

The actress is a very cool lady. She is also very beautiful but it seems that she is still single. We say this because there are no images with a guy we can call his buddy.

She has a friend named Ramzan Miah who is an actor in Bangladesh. Some people claim that Nikkita and Ramzan have an ongoing relationship. But we can’t say because none of them make a statement.

Facts and stories

  • Twitter: @NikkitaChadha (1.6 k fans).
  • Instagram: nikkitachadha (20.3 k followers)
  • Net worth: $1 million
  • Car: Range Rover Evoque.
  • Model Nikkita Chadha has been in acting and modeling for a few years.
  • She is also a dancer. Before making a big movie, she worked in short films and music videos.
  • In 2017, she received an offer for the Hollywood movie “Aladdin”. In this film, she appeared as a dancer.
  • If you see her social media handles then you will see that she is mostly working as a model these days.
  • She has also modeled for companies like Adidas. In 2019, she starred on Max Milner’s show.
  • Her struggle as an actress is ongoing, but the talent she has is sure to provide her success.
  • There is a scar on his forehead which could be due to the injury.
  • It took 2 years to complete the filming of Aladdin.
  • People love the dimples on her cheeks.
  • Recently, she collaborated with Waldo. This company mainly deals with contact lenses.
  • Nikkita Chadha loves glasses.
  • She also worked in another movie called Rocketman.
  • Chadha also worked with the Scottish collection.
  • She has traveled to places such as Barbados, Iceland, Cape Town, New York, Greece, Ibiza, Vegas, and many more.
  • The actress loves making TikTok videos.
  • Favorite actor: Salman Khan.

Nikkita Chadha Wikipedia, Biography, Wife, Origin, Husband, New Boyfriend, Height, Child and More

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