Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

We were lucky enough to review the original Magnus in early 2022 – a solid, durable metal desk with plenty of features.

So it was only natural that I jumped at the chance to get Secretlab Magnus Pro XL.

Magnus Pro offers one standout difference from its predecessor; electronic height adjustment for switching between sitting and standing desk.

Could the Secretlab Magnus Pro, combined with a host of other new additions, be the best table on the market? Not only for gamers, but also for streamers and even office workers?

Here is my honest review of the Secretlab Magnus Pro desktop after about 200 hours of use.

Secretlab products are available at the lowest prices directly from their website.


  • Size: 1770mm x 800mm x 650mm-1250mm
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg

I received the Magnus Pro XL, the larger of the two Magnus Pro versions at 270mm long and 100mm wide. The regular sized Magnus Pro is still much larger than the average table, but I couldn’t resist scaling up this delightful treat.

Magnus Pro XL is almost 2 meters wide (1770mm to be exact) and almost a meter deep (800mm) so it just huge .

It’s big enough to fit on (and underneath) my keyboard, mouse, two monitors, computer rack, PS5, two headsets, and Arena 7 speakers – and plenty of room.

Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

It is a sitting and standing table with a minimum height of 650mm and a maximum height of 1250mm. I found that the most comfortable height for me is 713 mm – this figure will become relevant later, so remember it at all costs.


Magnus Pro is a black metal table with an elegant and professional look.

While it’s aimed at gamers, it won’t be out of place in a trendy office – avoid some of the extra features and this thing looks pretty sophisticated. Even with the additional gamer-focused features, it still looks incredibly beautiful.

Constructed from solid metal, you will know that this is not a cheap product as soon as you see it.

Everything about its design, from the core features to the many extras, fit together perfectly.


1669692373 402 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

Magnus Pro XL comes in two large boxes, one much larger than the other. One package weighs 30 kg and the other 47.8 kg. Cats for scale.

There is a lot of padding inside to ensure the product is not damaged in transit. My box was badly damaged, but the product itself was completely unscathed, so it certainly works, although it does lead to a disposal puzzle. After that you need to remove a lot of packaging.

Assembling this table is a two-person job simply because of its weight – it’s a heavy kit not only to move packages, but also to assemble the table.

Despite the weight and numerous warnings on the packaging and in the instructions, I managed to assemble it completely by myself. Please, just shower me with praise if you feel like it.

There are no words to accurately describe how bad I am at furniture assembly and DIY, so self-assembling Magnus Pro highlights just how easy this table is to assemble.

A couple of points in the instructions are not entirely clear, but after 5 minutes of turning and flipping through the details, it always became clear what to do.

With just a few included screws and a handy set of tools, you have everything you need to assemble the table without any power tools.


Electronic height adjustment

1669692373 5 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

The main feature of the Magnus Pro table is its height adjustment. The ability to switch between sitting and standing – no more, no less – electronically is smooth and incredibly enjoyable.

Once the table has been calibrated, you can manually adjust the height millimeter by millimeter using the built-in backlit touch buttons.

The first thing I did (admittedly after five minutes of playing) was to narrow down what I felt was the ideal sitting and standing height for me. I then programmed these heights where it’s as simple as setting the height, pressing the “S” button and then pressing 1, 2 or 3 – there are three heights you can set to memorize the table.

Thanks to the large amount of lubricant, the table legs slide up and down exceptionally smoothly and silently, without the slightest hint of scratching.

The danger of a pre-programmed height electronic table is that if something gets stuck and you press to lower the table, the item can get crushed (or worse, broken). Luckily, Secretlab has planned this ahead of time with the object detection system – the height won’t decrease if it detects something along the way. I tested it and, again, it works.

Cable Management Tray

1669692374 100 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

One of the most unexpected events in my life lately (I seem to live a very boring life) was the discovery of how convenient a cable management tray can be.

The Secretlab Magnus Pro XL has a huge cable tray that spans the full width of the desk and is more than deep enough to accommodate all the many plugs and cables I need to power my monitors, PC, PlayStation, speakers, streaming lights and more.

With the tray installed, I went from wires tangled in a huge mess on the floor at my desk to virtually invisible cables.

For those who like a neat appearance, this tray will love it.

Built-in power supply column

1669692375 678 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

As an added bonus, the cable management tray also has a built-in power supply column.

Like an electric table, Magnus Pro obviously needs to be plugged in.

However, thanks to the built-in power supply, technically it doesn’t use the socket if you used the socket for your PC and desktop setup anyway. This is because there is a plug socket on the table that you will probably use for an extension cord.

It also helps keep your cable management tray tidy, as you don’t have to run an extension cord from outlet to desk; you simply plug in and place the extension directly on the table.


While you get good functionality from the Magnus Pro as standard, the extra features take this thing from a cool metal desk to a potentially awesome one…but are they worth it?


1669692375 565 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

The MAGPAD Desk Mat is an $89 add-on to the Magnus Pro XL and is, in my opinion, an almost essential purchase. I got version Signature Stealth though there are plenty of options available, including limited edition themed designs.

The MAGPAD features neatly stitched edges and a small Secretlab logo, and spans the full width and length of the table. This is a slightly magnetic mouse pad about the size of a desk.

I say “slightly magnetic” – it’s strong enough to stick firmly to a metal table, but no magnetism is noticeable through the top side. It’s easy to take off and put back on. I didn’t have any problems using electronic items on the table and this was a pretty obvious problem prior to using the product.

Applying MAGPAD took a couple of tries.

Aligning it correctly is tricky, and the magnetic aspect makes it even more difficult, but I got a great end result after just two attempts and I haven’t adjusted it since. If you put it together with a friend or family member, it will be even easier for you than it was for me.

All in all, I think MAGPAD is a very good product, but I have one caveat: it didn’t go completely flat. The vast majority fit snugly on the table, but there is a slight bulge around the edges in a couple of places. These bumps are so small that no one else will know they’re there unless I point them out, but I know they’re there and it annoys me.

1669692376 176 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

Update: I put a heavy item on the bumps and left it overnight. It worked!

As someone who’s spent the last few years using a mouse directly on a table surface (I know), it’s really nice to have a high quality, slightly padded surface under my mouse.

Monitor arm

1669692377 451 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

With the dual-arm monitor mount, I now have much more room to practice.

I considered mounting my monitors to the wall for the same purpose, but the sit-stand feature on this table made it highly impractical – the table quickly blocked the view of the monitors when raised.

So, if wall mounting is out of the question, I can put my monitors on a table like most other people, and this table’s 800mm depth certainly makes it viable.

Instead, I got a double monitor arm that costs $249 to mount the monitors directly on the table.

I really love the hands of the monitor. They come with magnetic strips (two on each arm) so you can hide the monitor cables and you can move, tilt, rotate and rotate the monitors very easily and without too much restriction.

Cable management kit

1669692377 58 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

The cable management kit is $49 at the time of writing (you can check the latest prices on their site, and while I think these items are pretty cool, you can probably do without them based on value for money.

You get cable straps – some of which already come with the table – as well as magnetic covers and anchors.

I’ve used one of the sheaths to hide some of my cables on the table leg, but haven’t found a use for the second one yet.

Of the anchors, I use two of the three that come with the kit. Admittedly, since I like the way they look and feel, I mostly use them, because I wanted to find a reason to use them, not because I really need to use them. They are attached to my desk for the mouse and keyboard charging cables, which helps keep them out of the way but also prevents them from getting lost.

MAGRGB (smart lighting version)

1669692378 608 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

Let’s be honest, most things with “games” in their name just mean they have RGB lighting built into them. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a big fan of the RGB aesthetic, which is why I had to give this add-on a try.

The MAGRGB (Smart Lighting Edition) costs $89 for the XL version and is another costly add-on. However, if you’d rather pay more for something that looks better than the regular option, I think it’s worth picking.

I’ve only used cheaper RGB strips in my home office before and MAGRGB is light years ahead of them in terms of quality and performance.

The MAGRGB tape is thick, attaches magnetically to the table, and the light is bright and bright. It’s important to note that this feels like a premium product worthy of sharing space with the Magnus Pro.

You can set different light and color schemes and overall I’m really impressed with how well the RGB strip illuminates both my desk and the wall behind it.

Because I like it better when it illuminates a wall than a table, I attached my lamp to the outside of the cable management tray instead of inside it.

Magnetic headphone hanger

The last addition I have is a magnetic headphone hanger that costs $29.

This headphone hanger is incredibly well designed, looks like a super high quality product, and has Secretlab branding, but…it’s a 2″ x 2″ clip for $29.

I love the way it looks and feels, and I use it to hang my headphones on all the time, but I personally wouldn’t recommend paying $29 for the privilege. Just put your headphones on the table – it’s certainly big enough to fit them.

PC mount

Installing your PC on this thing is basically a necessity anyway.

As the table moves up and down, your cables will drag and likely come loose – or worse, things could fall and break – if the PC doesn’t move at the same time as the table moves.

I turned down the $89 PC mount from Secretlab, a purchasable add-on that allows you to attach a computer rack to one of the table legs. This is a solid option in theory.

However, Secretlab recommends a minimum table height of 800mm when using the mount to prevent damage to your PC.

The reason I wanted the Magnus Pro was because my old 780mm desk was too high. This meant that my chair had to be a little higher than I wanted, which meant I needed a footstool under the table, and overall it’s not as comfortable as having your feet on the floor. My height is 5 feet 10 inches for reference; certainly not a giant, but nevertheless a little taller than the average man.

Remember what I said earlier about my ideal table height with Magnus Pro?

In case you don’t remember or choose to skip this part, I have my Magnus Pro set to 713mm and it’s incredibly comfortable. My feet are on the floor, my back is straight, and the Secretlab TITAN chair is at such a height that my elbows are parallel to the Magnus table.

To be for at least 87mm above the ground – 3.43 inches – would just be uncomfortable for me, so the PC mount doesn’t fit the way I want it to, and I think it would interfere with the comfort of many users who were primarily using Magnus Pro. to sit (not stand).

Since the table is just huge, I put my computer on it and it was out of reach. Added bonus: it keeps him away from my cats.


1669692379 528 Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table - Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

So, now we have finally come to my verdict, is Secretlab Magnus Pro worth buying?

Well, I think this is the best table I have ever seen in person.

There’s no denying that this is an expensive product, but it also has incredible quality and functionality – I’ve been amazed at how good this desk has been since I first adjusted its height and continue to admire it as I write this. review, sitting behind him.

It’s easy to put together (assuming there are two of you doing the heavy lifting) and it’s so well packaged that you never have to worry about damaging it.

It feels like it will last me 20 years.

The only downside is that some of the features I really like, like MAGPAD and MAGRGB, and especially the dual monitor arm, come at an extra cost. I think they’re worth it, but some other expensive extras aren’t (like the cable management kit and headphone hanger). This is the only thing stopping the Magnus Pro from getting a perfect 5-star rating.

Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or just looking for a high-quality, adjustable stand-up desk, Magnus Pro is the best of the best.

Overview of the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming table

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