PDF To Word Converter Free Online

PDF To Word Converter Free Online

PDF To Word Converter Free Online

This time I will provide a tutorial on how to convert PDF to Word for free online with sizepdf.

One of the most frequently used document file formats is PDF. As can be seen from the advantages of this document format, its shape and appearance will not change even if it is opened on different devices such as cellphones, tablets or PCs.

But there are drawbacks to this PDF file, namely the PDF file cannot be modified and can only be shared. For those who have difficulty opening and editing PDF files, the first solution is to convert the PDF file to Word or Excel format.

There are lots of converters or file converters on the Internet, from converting PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, and vice versa.

But of the many websites, I recommend sizepdf.com because they have a full range of features for converting pdf files and vice versa.

No need to visit many sites to do other than pdf conversions. Because here there are lots of converters starting from pdf to word, pdf to excel, pdf to ppt / power point and vice versa.

Immediately, I will practice the steps for converting PDF files to Word, Excel and so on below.

How To Convert PDF To Word For Free

There’s no need to worry anymore about PDF files that can’t be edited or opened, we can edit them right away if they’ve changed to Word format.

To do that, we need to convert the PDF file into Word format using a PDF to Word conversion tool. Here are more details about how to convert a PDF file to Word.

  1. Go to the PDF to Word conversion tool website.
  2. Next select your pdf file.
    PDF To Word Converter Free Online - PDF To Word Converter Free Online
  3. Next upload / upload your file.
  4. Wait for the pdf to word conversion process for a few seconds.
  5. Finally click Download / Download and save it to your device with a smaller file.
  6. Done.

The advantage of converting from PDF to Word is that you can get a smaller conversion result size than before, but the file quality is still exactly the same.

How to Convert PDF to Excel

Apart from converting to Word, here you can also easily convert PDF to Excel.

Excel files are indeed difficult to send in Excel format, because one must have an office to open the file. Therefore sending a file with a PDF is the solution, but by sending a PDF we cannot edit the file if we need it.

Don’t be confused if the tables in the pdf cannot be edited directly. You only need to convert the file containing the table into excel format.

Here’s how to convert PDF to Excel easily and quickly.

  1. Go to the conversion website PDF to Excel.1669063479 694 PDF To Word Converter Free Online - PDF To Word Converter Free Online
  2. After that select your PDF file.
  3. Upload the file and wait a few seconds.
  4. After the conversion is complete select the Download button or download.
  5. Save it on your device.
  6. Done.

Now you don’t need to be confused anymore to edit table files in PDF.

How to Convert Small PDF to Word Free Online

Besides that, we can also convert small pdf to word easily on this site.

This is the best solution if you want PDFs to be edited easily, here’s how to convert small pdfs to word easily and quickly.

  1. Go to the conversion tool web small pdf to word.
  2. Select your PDF file on your device.
  3. Upload or upload your file.
  4. Wait for the conversion to complete.
  5. Download the conversion results from small pdf to word.
  6. Done.


So, those are some ways to convert PDF files to Word or Excel easily and quickly.

In order to use it again, make sure you bookmark the website and open it again if you need the best PDF converter tool of all time.

Visit the site to see all the features provided, because not only PDF to Word they can also do the reverse like Word to PDF, so there’s no need to bother changing the PDF extension because here there are all the menus that you can try yourself.

Good luck and good luck.


PDF To Word Converter Free Online

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