PlayStation has the better exclusives, says Microsoft

PlayStation has the better exclusives, says Microsoft

Microsoft apparently openly admits in a document that Sony’s PlayStation consoles have more and, above all, better exclusive games. Titles like God of War, Spider Man“The Last of Us” or “Ghost of Tsushima”.

PlayStation has the better exclusives, Microsoft admits

More and better: As Microsoft said in a reply to the Competition and Markets Authority– Antitrust authorities from Great Britain declared that it was the competition is much better placed than Microsoft when it comes to big exclusive games.

Sony has more exclusive games than Microsoft, many of which are of better quality.

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Quality that sells: But not only Sony and the PlayStation consoles PS4 and PS5, but also Nintendo has according to Microsoft exclusive first party games that belong to the titles that are Best selling worldwide and in Europe.

For example: There would be titles like “Spider-Man”, God of War Ragnarok (which just broke a PlayStation sales record), Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part 1. But that’s not all.

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There are also games from third-party development studios that appear exclusively for PlayStation. For example “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”, Bloodborne“Final Fantasy 16” or that Silent Hill 2 remake.

Hence the statements: Microsoft writes these things in a response to the UK Cartel Office. The authority is currently investigating whether Microsoft can take over the publisher conglomerate Activision Blizzard King as announced – or whether it could lead to a kind of monopoly position.

What is this really about? Apparently Microsoft wants to play down with such statements how strong its own market position could be after the takeover. Instead, it should be pointed out that Sony/PlayStation now have a clear advantage was and could possibly still be after the deal.

how do you see it? Would you agree with Microsoft, what do you think of the planned deal and which exclusives do you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

PlayStation has the better exclusives, says Microsoft

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