Pokémon Crimson and Crimson: How to Beat Tulia (Asarilla Arena)

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson: How to Beat Tulia (Asarilla Arena)

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Asarilla is the seventh Gym most players will enter in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson, and is home to the Psychic-type leader Tulia.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson How to Beat Tulia Asarilla Arena - Pokémon Crimson and Crimson: How to Beat Tulia (Asarilla Arena)While it’s possible to battle the Gym Leaders in any order in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson, there is a preferred order based on the levels of the Gym Leader’s Pokémon. On paper, Tulia is the second strongest leader in the game, which is why the Asarilla Arena is usually the seventh arena visited during the playthrough.

Asarilla is located in the southwest of the Paldea region, not too far from the Moldrid Arena and its bug-type leader, Ronah. Unlike Ronah’s team, Tulia’s Psychic-type Pokémon can be a real challenge if you go into battle unprepared. However, if you exploit her weakness to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves, defeating her and getting the seventh badge shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to prepare for the Asarilla Arena

Suppose one has chosen to fight against Etta in the Frigomonta Arena pick up a Sniebel or two and you’re pretty much set for the fight against Tulia. That’s because Pummel is incredibly effective again, as are all other Dark-type moves. If you chose Crokel or Felori as your starter Pokémon, you’re in luck too, as they have Dark and Ghost secondary types, provided they’ve evolved into their final form.

Getting an Alpollo for the Asarilla Arena isn’t a bad idea, although there’s a better option. Catching a Gruff and evolving it into Friedwoof will learn the move Last Honor as it evolves. This powerful Ghost-type attack does more damage the more unconscious Pokémon on your team, so it’s worth keeping in reserve as a sort of last resort. However, it should be noted that Ghost-type Pokemon alone are not enough to defeat Tulia, as her Farigiraf is a Normal/Psycho-type and thus completely immune to Ghost-type attacks.

How to Complete the Asarilla Arena Trial (Face the Emotional Gymnastics)

The Arena Trial requires you to press a button depending on the icon displayed on the screen. You can press the button once, several times or, as it turns out, not at all, because it seems that you will pass the test in any case. So the quickest way to pass the exam is to put the controller away and do nothing at all during the ESP sections.

There are two ESP rounds, with each round requiring you to defeat a Psycho-type trainer in combat. The first trainer, Amura, has a level 43 Hypnomorba and a level 43 Kirlia, while the second, Herbert, has a level 43 Groink, a level 43 Meditalis, and a level 43 Servolder. All five Pokémon should be relatively easy to defeat with Snivell and the Pummeler attack, and you’ll get 6,020 Pokédollars from each trainer.

How to defeat Tulia in Asarilla Arena

Snivell should be able to handle Tulia’s first Pokemon on his own, but Gardevoir will likely knock it out with Magic Glow if it doesn’t manage to lower its HP on its first turn. Sniebel should be faster and allow an attack to be made before Gardevoir acts. After that, you can switch to another Sniebel to take down Gardevoir if you have one, and then take out Psiopatra using the same strategy.

Like Gardevoir before, Tera Florges can one-hit Snivell with Spell Flare, but only after Snivell has reduced his HP bar by 90% with Thrash. If your next Pokemon has a base Speed ​​stat of 76 or higher, you should be able to swap out a new Pokemon and end the battle fairly quickly, even if you don’t have Attack Weakness this time.

After her defeat, Tulia will present 8,100 Pokédollars in prize money and the Asarilla Arena badge. Assuming it’s the seventh, this badge will make it easier to catch Pokémon up to level 55 and ensure they always follow directions in battle. She also hands over TM120, Psychokinesis.

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Pokémon Crimson and Crimson: How to Beat Tulia (Asarilla Arena)

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