Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to evolve Delight and Chansey into Blizzard

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to evolve Delight and Chansey into Blizzard

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The pink Normal-type Pokémon known as Delight, Chansey, and Blizzard have a unique ability to evolve into Pokémon Crimson and Crimson.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson How to evolve Delight and Chansey - Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to evolve Delight and Chansey into BlizzardWhile most Pokémon evolve through reaching certain levels, unique creatures have been introduced that break this tradition. the normal Eevee is a classic example of this, as it can evolve into a certain type when given a certain stone, or even evolve during the daytime.

Aside from using Evolution Stones or traditional experience points, some Pokémon can evolve in other ways as well. Riolu, a Fighting-type Pokémon, requires a high Amity with the trainer before it can evolve into Lucario during the day. In Pokémon Crimson and Crimson, the new Electric-type Pokémon, Pamo, must be used in Send Pokémon mode so that it can move 1,000 steps before it turns away pamo to its final form Pamomamo can develop.

When moving through Paldea in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson, it’s worth remembering that not all evolutions are as simple as reaching a certain level. Let’s take the Pokémon Wonneira, which requires a little more effort to help it evolve.

This is how you develop bliss into hansey

Delight is a common early-game Pokémon found in the southern region of Paldea below Mesalona City. Luckily, evolving this Pokemon into its second form is pretty easy, as you just give it a oval stone must give in order for it to carry it, and then level it up once during the day or in the afternoon.

Perhaps the hardest part is tracking down an oval rock, which can be found by chance in the Sizzling Wastes but has a fixed location in Fermanca City. From the north entrance, go to the bridge that leads to the large Pokémon Arena. Just before the ramp to the bridge area, the item can be collected at the base of a tree near some vending machines.

You can also skip this first evolutionary step entirely, as Chansey can be found in several regions of Paldea. Although it is considered a rare spawn, one should start the quest in different locations, e.g. B. around Asarilla to the southwest, in the northern part of the Montanata, in northern Zone 1, and most of the middle part of the map over the central crater.

How to evolve Chansey into Blisseyra

Equipped with the Chansey, it is now necessary to increase the friendship level. Unfortunately, this value is not measurable, but there are a few things you can do to further increase friendship. If you catch a Khanirah in the wild, it will automatically get a friendship jump starter by using a Luxury Ball. One should keep it in the active group, give it a softbell give and take to the picnic to increase friendship.

Particular Berry can also be used to increase a Pokémon’s Friendship level, including Pomegranate, Setang Berry, Qualot Berry, Honmelberry, Labrus Berry, and Tamot Berry. However, the berry method usually lowers a stat to increase friendship, so this method may not be for everyone. Once the friendship level is high enough, Chansey will simply level up and evolve into Blizzard.

If you don’t want to spend too much time increasing Chansey’s friendship level, Blizzard can also be found in the Paldean Wilds. The best way to do this is to head north to the Montanata at the northernmost point, or to the northern Zone 1 area. Since Blizzard is considered a rare encounter, it may take some time to find.

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Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to evolve Delight and Chansey into Blizzard

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