Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to Get Caps and What They’re For

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to Get Caps and What They’re For

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Pokémon Crimson and Crimson contain collectible Caps, an important re for Super Special Training.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson How to Get Caps and What - Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to Get Caps and What They're ForWhile the core of the gameplay in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson, namely defeating Gym Leaders and boosting Pokémon, remains largely intact, the way in which you achieve this goal has been redesigned. In a vast new land called Paldea, the local academy sends you out to do things your own way. There are three main missions, including fighting Team Star in their hideouts, helping Pepper find unique spices by fighting Ruler Pokémon, and competing in the traditional Arena challenge.

With a large open world to explore at will, many new features have also been introduced, including the ability to use a TM engine to develop your own attacks, given you have the right res. As you play through, you’ll likely accumulate tons of res and items to use, from berries and potions to materials to sell and other things that aren’t entirely clear on how they work.

One such item in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson is Caps, an item that sounds pretty generic but is actually very important for those looking to level up their Pokémon.

What are crown caps?

Caps are items that can be used in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson to boost a Pokémon’s individual stats in a specific category. Each Pokemon has an individual stat ranging from 0 to 31, with 31 being the best stat and also very rare. These res are for the late game and can only be used once six out of eight gym leaders in Paldea have been defeated and the Pokémon receiving the buff is at least level 50.

In order to use the caps, one must go to Super Specialty Training in the snowy area of ​​Frigomonta in Montanata. The values ​​can be improved in exchange for different amounts of bottle caps.

Where to find bottle caps in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson

Silver caps are relatively easy to find as there are only two ways to find them. Once the above conditions are met, one can visit a Boto Gift Shop to purchase them. Typical locations are the larger cities in Paldea such as Mesalona City, Garrafosa, Bolardin and Fermanca City. It should be noted that these items are quite expensive at 20,000 Pokédollars, so make sure you have enough money with you, which can be obtained by selling materials like stardust and other items that serve no purpose.

If you’re short on cash or don’t want to spend so much money at once, you can alternatively go to the new one Tera Raid Battles Collect bottle caps. These can be found throughout Paldea and appear as star-shaped icons on the map. You are free to fight them alone with NPC characters or team up with other players online. Unlike the Sword and Shield Raids, these battles are no longer turn-based, allowing all participants to choose their moves and fight in real-time. Caps can be obtained as a reward for completing a 4, 5, or 6 star raid.

What are gold bottle caps?

In addition to the silver bottle caps, a gold version can also be obtained. However, these are much rarer and can only be found at Auctions in Puerto Marinedo can be acquired by placing the best bid. Another problem is that the items sold at the auctions are randomized, so gold caps are not always available to bid on. Auctions reset in-game over the course of a day, which takes about 30 minutes in real time.

Acquiring these materials is worth the effort as they maximize Individual Strengths (IS) for all stats and not just one like the Silver Cap.

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Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to Get Caps and What They’re For

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