Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to get Gruff and evolve into Friedwoof

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to get Gruff and evolve into Friedwoof

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The following explains where to find the Dog Pokémon Gruff and evolve it into Friedwoof in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson How to get Gruff and evolve - Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to get Gruff and evolve into FriedwoofPokémon Crimson and Crimson bring fun features and surprises to Pokémon fans around the world. There are over 100 new Pokémon to catch and travel Paldea with, including more Ghost types, which historically had the fewest Pokémon of all types. Gruff was the first Generation 9 ghost type to be introduced and immediately caught the attention of dog lovers with his dog-like appearance.

What you should know about Gruff

Referred to as a “ghost dog Pokémon,” Gruff can be found in many corners of the Paldea region. It has long shaggy gray fur and a candle on its head. In the wild, it burrows underground so that only the candle is visible and pops out to greet passers-by. Although Ghost-type Pokémon are known for their mischievous temperament, Gruff is said to be an extremely friendly Pokémon that enjoys being around others. After catching it, you might wonder at what level it will evolve into Friedwoof, but a new level isn’t the only requirement for it to change form.

Locations of Gruff

Gruff can be found once the Academy Treasure Hunt begins. However, it is not in the Mesalona City area. To find it, one must venture out and cross a river into the northern part of Paldea.

The way to get there depends on whether you have improved Miraidon/Koraidon’s skills. When Miraidon/Koraidon first becomes a companion, it can be used like a bicycle to travel faster. Over time, it gains the ability to fly, sprint, swim, and jump high, allowing you to get anywhere quickly. Otherwise, you should go through Fermanca City and go to the Etta Rena.

Gruff can be found throughout the northeast area, especially near Montanata Mountain. In the north, the ground is covered with snow, so finding her is not that easy, using her white candle as the only reference. Ghost-types are weak against other Ghost-types and Dark, so be prepared when challenging them to a fight. Gruff’s locations include the following provinces:

  • Northern Zones 1 and 3
  • West Zone 3

How to evolve Gruff into Friedwuff

While most Pokémon evolve at a certain level, Gruff does not. His transformation into Friedwoof has one more condition that needs to be met. First, Gruff must be at least level 30 before gaining the ability to evolve.

Pokémon level up as they gain experience points (XP) through Trainer Battles, challenges in Gyms, or even edibles like Rares and XP Candy. The candies can be found by picking up items on the ground or in Tera Raid battles where Tera Pokémon are defeated.

Once Gruff reaches level 30, it can evolve into Friedwoof as long as the second condition is also met: Gruff must be leveled up at night for it to transform into Friedwoof. Pokémon Crimson and Crimson have a 30-minute day/night cycle, so there’s only a short wait before Gruff can evolve.

Friedwoof can learn an interesting move introduced in Gen 9 called Last Honor. Last Honor is a damaging Ghost-type attack with a base 50 that increases by 50 for each unconscious Pokémon in the user’s party.

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Pokemon Crimson and Crimson: How to get Gruff and evolve into Friedwoof

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