Pokemon has already shown the perfect replacement for Ash

Pokemon has already shown the perfect replacement for Ash

Stephen Blackburn Published 1 day ago

Ash’s successor in the world of Pokemon has some pretty serious problems, and ironically, one such hero has already appeared and coped with the task better than him.

FROM Pokemon likely to continue without Ashwhoever takes the eternal place of a 10-year-old boy is in pretty big trouble next season as they follow the age of 25. worth the material. Ironically, the ideal replacement has already been introduced in Pokémon XY.

While it’s hard to imagine the world of Pokémon anime without Ash, his character had one major flaw that always held him back. He was literally like any other shonen hero in that he had a dream that he knew he would one day fulfill no matter what, except that most other popular shounen series handled this character more effectively. . Ash’s lethargy is exacerbated by the fact that it never really mattered if he lost the battle at the gym, because he could always try again that same day if he wanted to, significantly lowering the stakes. However, with Ash potentially stepping down as the protagonist of the Pokémon anime, another hero from the series could step in to overshadow the series. old protagonist.


In the second season Pokémon XYSerena proved to be more difficult than Ash. She loses her first Showcase competition, and although she puts on a brave face, she ends up breaking down in a heartbreaking fashion. By the end of the episode, it seems that Serena has come to terms with her loss when she cut her long hair short because she believes it’s “time for a change”. But a few episodes later in “Struggle with Elegance and Smile!” Serena gets so upset that her Pokémon can’t get along with each other that she runs off without them and even begins to doubt if they can. ever wanted to perform with her again. Only after Serena battles a new friend and gains strength in Ash’s resolve can she reconcile with her Pokémon and continue on her path as a Pokémon Performer. /p>

Why Serena should be the new face of Pokémon

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While Ash gives her power at a key moment, that doesn’t make him an effective protagonist. He is too perfect. When Ash first started in the Kanto region, he believed so strongly in the bond a trainer should have with his Pokémon that he was willing to risk his life for his Pikachu, even though Pikachu hated him at the time. From now on, Ash will never reach such bottoms again. Despite losing his first gym fight to Brock, Ash recovered much faster than Serena and was able to have a rematch almost immediately. Meanwhile, Serena has been traveling with her Pokémon for a while now when she loses faith in her connection to them and only returns thanks to words of encouragement from her friends. That’s what makes an intriguing hero who struggles and needs support. Serena’s path also seems to be more difficult than Ash’s. These are all the qualities a new protagonist needs. Pokémon.

Unfortunately Serena#39 ;her story is mostly told, it’s unlikely that she will actually be the next person Pokémon, especially since she is a performer, not a coach. It’s a shame, especially because of how inspiring her journey has been, especially with Ash’s 25 year epic. Pokémon. Although Ash might be a cult character, Serena might bring out the anime Pokémon to a new level.

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Pokemon has already shown the perfect replacement for Ash

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