Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch (and Evolve) Paumi

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch (and Evolve) Paumi

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Trainers can capture Paumi and turn him into Paumo and Pavmot in Scarlet and Purple because they have access to a new move that can revive other Pokémon.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet this year introduced new “Pikachu clones”, Paumi, Paumo and Pavmotawhile players wishing to catch and develop the new Electric type will have to go through some obstacles. This is the second 3-level mouse evolution chain along with Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu and can be found at the very beginning of the game. Paumi’s evolution into Pavmot makes it the first Electric/Fighting-type Pokémon in the game.

Paumi in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can be found in the southern fields of Paldea. When Trainers start their game, Electric Mouse Pokémon can be caught right near Poco Path. In general, if the trainer wants to find Paumi earlier in the game, he needs to be patient, because in fact they are rarer spawns. If trainers have difficulty finding them, they can have a picnic and use the power of the electrical collision to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Evolution of Pawmi to Pawmo

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Paumi is a good choice as a starting Pokémon in the game, and turning it into Paumi is pretty easy. Using the auto-battle feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Let’s Go or regular trainer battles, Paumi will evolve on Level 18This once mono-electric Mouse Pokemon is now an Electric and Fighting-type Pokemon with a name that alludes to its use of its paws to kick and kill opponents. In addition, he is now bipedal and has markings on his front paws where his electrical animation is displayed. With access to moves like the Thunder Wave and Nuzzle early in the game, Pawmo is one of the best partners for catching Pokemon in the game. Scarlet and Violet.

Evolution of Pawmo to Pawmot

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After reaching level 18, Paumo turns into Paumot walking 1000 steps from Pokémon Scarlet and VioletLet’s Go auto-battle feature. In general, using the auto-battle feature has many benefits for trainer progress, and this method should always be used while exploring. From time to time, automatic battles with Paumo and giving him the opportunity to go beyond his Poké Ball bring trainers closer to the goal of his evolution. However, there are no step counters in the game, so counting the number of steps the coach takes can be done with patience by walking normally next to Paumo. To get Pavmo to Pavmot faster, spend more time outside of Corydon or Miraidon exploring the area. Being too far away from any Pokémon in the auto-battle feature will send them back to their Poké Ball. After completing 1000 steps, all the trainer has to do is level up Paumo by fighting while holding the lucky egg in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple or with a rare candy.

Pawmot stats and signature moves

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After the evolution of Paumo into Pavmot, he will learn two characteristic moves. : double shock and Blessing of Rebirth. Double Shock is a physical move with a base strength of 120. When Pawmot uses this move, his electric type will be removed on the next turn, giving him no weaknesses or type advantages. Revival Blessing is the first such attack in the series. Pokémon . AT Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paumi uses Revival Blessing to revive an unconscious Pokémon on the Trainer’s team. Both of these techniques change the meta of both the main story and competitive play when used strategically.

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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Original Release Date: 18 11 2022 Developer: game freak Franchise: Pokémon Genre:RPG, Adventure, Action Platform: Nintendo Switch Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company ESRB: E Summary: Pokemon is back with their next series: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Now the action takes place in a fictional location in Mediterranean Spain. Players will travel across the land of Paldea while continuing to catch classic and new Pokémon from the series. New to this entry are unique Pokémon that can transform into vehicles, allowing players to travel the world through new means, aiding Scarlet and Violet’s new open-world approach. Players can participate in Gym Battles in any order, and opponents level up as they progress. Scarlet and Violet are also introducing online research together and a new combat feature known as Terastallize. Multiplayer game: online co-op, online multiplayer Prequel: Pokémon Sword and Shield Mode: single player, multiplayer

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch (and Evolve) Paumi

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