Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Ghost Types in the Game

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Ghost Types in the Game

For trainers who know how to use them, ghost types can be some of the best Pokemon out there. This is the best choice in Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple,as with past generations of the franchise, a host of new Pokémon have been added to the game for Trainers to capture and evolve as they travel through the Paldea region. In addition to the more common types such as Fire and Water, players may also be interested in rarer types such as the infamous Ghost types that lurk in the island’s most haunted areas.

In the ninth generation. With Scarlet and Purple players can find new types of ghosts to add to their ever-growing team of creatures. These are the best types of ghosts to find and capture by exploring both versions of the game.

10/10 Brambleghast

Bramblegast might be the weakest Ghost-type Pokémon on this list; however, it still deserves a mention as it is a new addition to pokemon generation 9. From the looks of it, this type of grass/ghost is a tumbleweed with a sinister method of catching prey.

Players will first need to evolve the Brambleghast by allowing its pre-evolution, the Bramblin, to walk 1000 steps using the Let’s Go feature. This allows Pokémon to move freely around their Trainer and attack at will. To release a Pokémon for a walk, simply place it in first place in the group and press the ZR button.

9/10 Palossand

Palossand is a sandcastle Pokémon that players first encountered in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He returned again for Scarlet andViolet. This ghost/ground Pokémon seems to have taken possession of the sand on the beach. The first can be found as Sandigast, who can be seen as a pile of sand with a shovel in his head.

Palosand and its pre-evolution are the only Pokémon that can learn Shore Up. This signature move allows this mound of sand creature to regenerate a percentage of its health based on the weather.

8/10 Houndstone

Pure ghost-types can be just as good as any dual-type Pokémon. Single types limit what can actually deal super effective damage to pure Ghost-type Pokémon like Houndstone. This ancient ghost dog may look sinister, but at heart, she is still the adorable Greeward she once was.

Not only a worthy fighting companion, the story of Houndstone#39;s creation is quite touching. His Pokedex entry violet says that it is the reincarnation of the most beloved Pokémon, which means that it can live again in its new ghost form.

7/10 Ceruledge

Filled with resentment and discontent, this dastardly armored Pokémon combines its once-fire skills with dual-type ghost abilities. Ceruledge is the only Pokémon that can learn the Bitter Blade move, which not only damages the Pokémon but also heals its user.

Unfortunately, those who have pokemon scarlet, they can’t. to unlock this fire/ghost type if it is not sold by him as it is purple pokemonexclusive evolution. Instead, players will transform their Charcadet into Armarouge, a Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon.

6/10 Skeledirge

Players who choose Fuecoco as a starter already have a powerful Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon in their hands. When this tiny red crocodile evolves to its final evolution at level 36, Skeledirge becomes not only a singing Pokémon, but also a huge fire crocodile with a bird spirit that follows it on every adventure.

It may surprise some instructors that this is actually a Ghost type. This new secondary typing opens up possibilities for further expansion of the moveset. Skeledirge is also the only Pokémon that can learn the Torch Song move, which deals damage and also increases its special attack.

5/10 Gholdengo

This idiosyncratic all-coin Steel/Ghost-type Pokémon might not look like the typical Ghost-type creature from the franchise. Even his pre-evolution, pure Ghost-type Gimmigul, doesn’t look that ghostly. It can only be turned into a Gholdengo after 999 Gimmigul Coins have been collected.

Goldengo continues the theme of money with his signature move, Make It Rain. This technique not only deals damage to the enemy and reduces his special attack, but at the end of the battle the player receives the money that has fallen.



Any fans of the franchise will understand that Hoopa is not a new Pokémon. This mischievous spirit was first added to the franchise in the sixth generation. However, players can also find this incredibly powerful Pokémon while exploring Paldea.

Chuppah has two forms: closed and unbound. While in his limited form, he is dual-typed Psychic/Ghostly, which is arguably just as powerful as in his unbound state, when he takes on the Psychic/Dark type instead. While it may not be new, it is still a great Pokémon for players to catch.

3/10 Annihilape

In the ninth generation, Game Freak also included new evolutions of already existing Pokémon, such as the newest evolution of Primeape: Annihilape. This type of Fighter/Ghost cannot be developed simply by leveling up. Instead, the player must use the Fist of Fury move twenty times to trigger the evolution.

As Primeape’s strength grew through rage, his body could no longer hold it all. Thus, it evolved into Annihilape, a rage-filled monkey that is the only other Pokémon that can use Rage Fist.

2/10 Dragapult

Dragapult is a Dragon/Ghost type Pokémon introduced in Generation 8 with pokemon sword and shield. . In the new generation, those who want to find Dripy and turn him into Dragapult will only be able to do so in Pokemon Violet. Those who have pokemon scarletwill only be able to get this creature through trade.

Due to the fact that it has three stages of evolution and also has a powerful Dragon type, many fans of the franchise consider this powerful Ghost type to be one of the very best. He is also pseudo-legendary, meaning his total stats are a whopping 600.

1/10 Flutter Mane

While Misdreavus is exclusive to Pokemon Violetthose who bought pokemon scarlet instead, they have exclusive access to Flutter Mane. This ancient ancestor of the Ghost-type Pokémon acts exactly like Misdreavus, with a slightly different design.

As a Paradox Pokémon, it is also incredibly rare, being an exclusively ghost type. Therefore, this makes him a great addition to any team. It is not weak against as many types as dual-type Pokémon (especially since Ghost types have few weaknesses to begin with), and is also incredibly strong against other Ghosts.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Ghost Types in the Game

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