Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Ice Types

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Ice Types

One of the best offensive types in the game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have great deals if you’re looking for an ice type.

Ice has had a tumultuous road to success throughout Pokémon history. What once started out as a rare type hampered by low availability and some dubious stat spreads and type pairs is now a real threat with a long list of great Pokémon.

If you’re a fan of the coolest Pokemon, you’re in luck – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s list of Ice types is quite large and there are plenty to choose from.


10/10 Beartic

If you need a clumsy piece of ice to poke a hole in any pesky Pokémon you’ve found before, Beartic is a good shout out. With amazing attack stats and fantastic cover moves, Beartic can unleash team hell.

Enhance yourself with Sword Dance, then unleash what works. This is the general essence of Beartic’s strategy. Thanks to covering moves often lacking in Ice-type Pokémon, Beartic can deliver a nasty blow to the enemy – the likes of X-Scissor, Crunch, Heavy Slam, Earthquake, and Rock Slide are not to be expected.

9/10 Cetitan

Obviously not the best idea to start everything with a negative slope, but Cetitan is an Ice type that also tries to be a wall with a huge amount of HP. Ice is arguably the worst defensive type in the game with a bunch of common weaknesses.

The thing is, Zetitan shines even though his niche is not very viable in a high-level game. He has excellent attack stats and a powerful list of moves, including Foul Play, Earthquake, Body Press, Tantrum Stomp, and Rebound. Throw in powerful ice-type attacks like Ice Spinner or Avalanche (which will often be boosted thanks to Cetitan’s low speed) and you have a great attacker with more health than a normal attacker.

With Thick Grease, Cetitan has eliminated one of its weaknesses, allowing it to compete with fire types with ease.

Iron kit 8/10

If you’re playing Pokemon Violet, you have a chance to catch this dainty Paradox Pokemon – if you’re playing Scarlet, you’ll have to trade. This Delibird knockoff is notable for making second-generation Santa-style disappointment viable.

He has a very high special attack and speed so you might not even need to worry about Iron Bundle#39. ;s low defensive stats – he can make a clean attack without a single hit!

7/10 Crabminable

Ice is one of the best attacking Pokemon types. Combat is one of the best types of attack in Pokemon. Smash them together and you have an aggressive furry crab with one problem – it will eventually run out of Pokemon to smash them.

With the Ice Hammer, Crabominable is going to leave a dent in anything thrown at him, and if he ends up running into something ridiculously unwieldy, you can bet his powerful combat-type moves will serve as copious support. He even has a useful Stomping Tantrum with which he can turn Ice Hammer’s annoying misses into a super-powerful ground-type takedown.

6/10 Glaceons

A crushing special striker with respectable defensive stats? It’s Glaceon! This icy Eeveelution doesn’t win many popularity contests for one reason or another, but it’s absolutely worth a look if you have an Ice-type hole in your team.

ice beam was created for this Pokemon, and it even has some good cover options in Shadow Ball and Chilling Water, and it can even trigger a Calm Mind/Stored Power combo. Another option would be to teach him to Wish with egg moves and enjoy the sweeper with an amazing amount of self-healing.

5/10 Frosmoth

Error Not’ He is often cited as one of the best types in the game, despite having some incredibly strong Pokémon. This is a great secondary type for Frosmoth – it helps cover up Ice’s weakness for Fighting and adds some STAB to another great offensive type.

With Quiver Dance, Frosmot has every chance of becoming a destructive sweeper. With it, you’ll boost our special stats and your speed – use it once or twice, then head into town with powerful STAB strikes like Buzz Buzz or Blizzard, and save a fourth move slot for something more utilitarian like, U-Turn or Feather Dance.

4/10 Rotom Frost

Once you win a Rotom catalog at the Porto Marinada auction house, you will be able to change the shape of any Rotom you catch. Use the Refrigerator setting and you’ll get an Ice and Electric type with significant volume and good Special Attack stats.

This works very well for Rotom, which is thriving with Thunderbolt and Blizzard as STAB attacks backed up by great utility tricks. Stick Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave on it and your enemies won’t know what hit them.

3/10 Froslass

Everyone’s favorite creepy lady is back in Scarlet and Violet, and she’s just as strong as ever. Although Froslass is a little fragile, he is another fantastic fighter due to his high speed and enough special attacks to use him.

Utility is the name of the game with Froslass – with access to Will-o’-the-wisp. , Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Taunt, Trick, Destiny Bond, and Double Team, you are completely free to choose your own brand of neutral evil with Froslass. Pair one of the status moves with Hex for even more brutality.

2/10 Weavile

High speed and high attack make Weavile a real sweeper. You want him to come in and spend as little time as possible taking out your opponents, and he needs to have the tools to do it consistently.

The strategy is very similar to that of Beartic – put on a Sword Dance and use the incredible Weavile set of attacks to take on every opponent that comes your way. What puts Weavile a lot higher than Beartic is its speed – it’s much more reliable at delivering a clean hit, and it has a tempting Baton Pass option to give those juicy attack boosts to another teammate if your opponent sends something , which Weavile can’t handle.

1/10 Baxcalibur

Any Pokémon that gets Glaive Rush will feel this pain for a few days. Baxcalibur is a pseudo-legendary game of this generation and deserves the title – it has a fantastic attack type in ice and dragon, a move pool full of top-notch attacks, and an elegant design.

It’s slower, but it’s a fierce dragon with Dragon Dance, you can’t ask for more. Keep him away from strong fairies and combat threats and you will have nothing to worry about.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Ice Types

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