Pokemon Scarlet Violet review bombed at Metacritic

Pokemon Scarlet Violet review bombed at Metacritic

Players express their dissatisfaction on the feedback collection site.

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Disgruntled players bomb Pokemon Scarlet & Purple. On Metacritic, while the latest main Pokemon game has a score of 77 based on reviews from critics, user scores tell a very different story. And the players seem to be getting angrier.

At the time of writing, Pokemon Scarlet has a user rating of just 2.8 based on 860 people’s ratings. One user gave a zero rating and commented, “Everyone who gives this game over 5/10 is lying. This is the worst game I’ve played in the last 20 years.” In another angry review, the game received a slightly higher score of 2/10 and said Scarlet was “barely playable on the Switch Lite”. and that the game is “ugly”.


Pokemon Violet, on the other hand, has a slightly higher score of 3.4 based on 409 user ratings on Metacritic. "This game is very broken in many ways. The game itself is a broken and buggy mess" wrote one ‘joaresazrio123’ which gave Violet a zero.

Like the debate and heated discussion that followed the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the arrival of Pokemon Scarlet & Purple seems no less controversial. Players and fans are actively discussing the performance and graphics of the game. Headlines’ Performance issues have been noted in the gaming media, with the media commenting on issues such as frame rate drops, bugs, and crashes.

Although the game’s visuals and how they are perceived are a more subjective interpretation, many draw unfavorable comparisons to Game Freak games. While the Switch is aging, many have noted that games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which is also an open-world game, could look much more visually impressive. Other comparisons were made to Capcom’s Breath of the Wild and Monster Hunter Rise.

The noise has risen to the point where Scarlet & Violet Owners are demanding a refund as they are outraged by the game’s performance issues. While review bombing is never pleasant when developers are hard at work on games, and given the magnitude of the pressure they’re under from publishers, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet could really do more scythe and polish given the series. popularity and its importance to the Switch. Things have to get better.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet review bombed at Metacritic

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