Preload starts with just under 30GB

Preload starts with just under 30GB

There are only a few days left until “Need for Speed ​​Unbound” sees the light of day and the first information about the installation size and the preload is already coming.

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On Friday December 2nd, “need for speed” finally active again! With “Need for Speed ​​Unbound“ A possible highlight will appear at the end of 2022. But when can the game be downloaded and will there be a pre-download?

The answer is yes, there will be a preload, so you can download the arcade racing game before the actual release. The date is only known for those who pre-order the Palace Edition, it will be November 30th.

If you want to download the game, you have to make sure you have around 30 GB of free space, because that’s the approximate installation size on the PlayStation 5. At least that’s what the colleagues at “PlayStation game size‘ revealed.

Is there a Day One patch for Need for Speed ​​Unbound? So far we have no information on this. None of our s have been able to post an update on the racing game so far. But it can be assumed that there will be a patch for the launch, which is now standard for all games.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound will be released on December 2nd for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X and S, making it one of the few games that is no longer coming to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Palace Edition Trailer

Preload starts with just under 30GB

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