PS5: how to increase the amount of memory

PS5: how to increase the amount of memory

Find out everything there is to know about the PS5’s memory upgrade, plus other goodies that mostly go unnoticed.

AT PlayStation 5 there is 825 GB of internal memory, but after several installations, it may not be enough. Limited storage space The PlayStation 5 could be a major problem, but it can’t be fixed.

Sony’s best-selling console may have 825GB of storage, but only 667.2GB is usable. Lack of storage space can be a problem for PlayStation 5 owners who need more than 100GB of storage space for every game they own. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem.

Install an additional internal SSD

A great way to increase storage capacity is to install an additional internal SSD. So far, simple; the task can be challenging for many. The good news is that SSDs no longer cost a meager amount of money, and the installation process isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

Which M.2 SSDs are compatible with PS5?

Only compatible M.2 SSDs should be used with the PS5. Please make sure your M.2 SSD meets the following requirements before installing on your PlayStation 5:

  • PCI-Express Gen 4×4 M.2 NVMe SSD (M key)
  • From 250 GB to 4 TB.
  • Sizes 2230, 2260, 2280, 2242 and 22110 are supported
  • Socket 3 (Key M)
  • Sequential read speed 5500 MB/s or faster
  • Up to 25mm wide
  • Up to 11.25mm thick (8mm above board and 2.45mm below board)
  • 30/40/60/80/110mm long
  • Installing a new M.2 SSD will not void your warranty unless it meets specifications. In addition, using an M.2 SSD with PS5 requires efficient heat dissipation through a cooling structure such as a heat transfer plate or heatsink. Using an M.2 SSD without a heat transfer plate or heatsink is not recommended.

    Things to Consider Before Installing M.2 SSD in PS5

    • The installation process requires a #1 Phillips or Phillips screwdriver.
    • Keep touching grounded metal objects during the installation and removal process to dissipate static electricity.
    • Do not turn on the console without the cover.

    Installing an M.2 SSD in PS5 – Quick Guide

    To install an optional internal SSD, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off your PlayStation 5 console. Remove all cables and PlayStation accessories attached to the console.
  2. Place the PlayStation on a clean and level surface. The PS logo on the console must be pointing down.
  3. Use your right hand for the bottom right corner and your left hand for the top left corner of the cover.
  4. Lift the cover with your right hand and carefully remove it so as not to damage the console.
  5. With the cover removed, locate the expansion slot. The expansion slot will be covered with a rectangular cover screwed on top.
  6. Remove the screw and then the cover.
  7. There will be another screw in the expansion slot that needs to be repositioned to match the size of the M.2 SSD installed in the PlayStation 5.
  8. Align the M.2 SSD with the expansion slot and insert it.
  9. Make sure the SSD is properly installed and does not interfere with the cooling system.
  10. Hold the M.2 SSD and attach it to the spacer using the supplied screw.
  11. Install the expansion slot cover and screw.
  12. Install the PlayStation 5 cover by sliding it into place.

Formatting a new M.2 SSD

After installing the M.2 SSD and booting up the PS5, a new screen will appear with information about how to format the new storage device. From the two options, select “Format M.2 SSD”. After the storage device is formatted, a success screen will appear. You can change where games are installed by selecting M.2 SSD.

Use an external hard drive to store games

Another way to increase the amount of memory is to use an external hard drive. New or unplayed games can be transferred to an external hard drive.

Many external hard drives are compatible with the PlayStation 5, but the following guidelines should be considered:

  • The external hard drive must be at least 250 GB and no more than 8 TB.
  • The external hard drive must support USB SuperSpeed ​​5 Gb/s or higher.

The biggest downside of this route is that games stored on an external hard drive cannot be played unless transferred to the PS5’s internal storage. This may come as a surprise to many because the PS4 can easily run games from an external hard drive.

Delete unplayed games

To free up storage space on PlayStation 5, start by deleting unused games. To uninstall games, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Storage menu and select Console.
  2. In the “Console” section, select “Games and Apps”.
  3. Select a game and click Remove.

PS5: how to increase the amount of memory

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