QI Season 20 Release Date on Netflix - QI, Season 20 Release Date on Netflix

QI, Season 20 Release Date on Netflix

QI, Season 20 Release Date on Netflix

Is there any word on a season 20 of QI? Are you going to renew QI for a 20th season? Will we have QI season 20 premiere?

You seem to be liking QI, which is only natural if we’ve seen the great cast and wonderful storyline, so you might be wondering if the series will launch a season 20 or if, as much as it hurts, it is finally over. QI is a series that has captivated a lot of fans of the genres of Comedy and Made in Europelaunched the year 2003.

Comedy quiz show full of quirky facts, in which contestants are rewarded more if their answers are ‘quite interesting’.

This series brings us closer to one of the best casts ever seen: Alan Davies, Sandi Toksvig, as the characters: Self, Self (respectively).

Will there be a 20th season of the series in the future? Is the release date of season 20 of the series known? Is its premiere going to be on Netflix or on other platforms?

The series is available to view on these platforms: None known at the moment. At this moment, everything indicates that they could announce the premiere and the release date of season 20 in the coming weeks. In the case of release, it will most likely be for Netflix.
Therefore, we recommend that you be very aware of the news, because we will update just when they are announced. Remember that we also have our calendar to keep you updated on all series premiere dates.

[ACTUALIZADO]: After much waiting, they have revealed the release day for QI Season 20. Its premiere is scheduled for November 11, 2022, finally! If you are interested in seeing which websites to watch this series on, enter the entry: Where to watch the QI series?

QI Season 20 Release Date on Netflix - QI, Season 20 Release Date on Netflix

Stop wasting time! Do not get depressed by something that has a solution. Send the e-mail and, without further ado, we will notify you instantly as soon as they confirm it.


The post was edited with the final date for the premiere of season 20 on 11-10-2022.

We end with a few questions that have been sent to the suggestion box related to qi, the premiere date of season 20 on netflix.

Alba P., who only likes the series in VO, asks:

Good morning to all readers, my most sincere congratulations for everything, I haven’t commented here recently.
Is season 20 available in: None known at the moment? What will the season 20 premiere date be? Can you give me any series recommendations from the same creator? Thanks for the support and a hug.

Ramón G., who is 37 years old, tells us:

Good morning HBO addicts, I congratulate you most sincerely for updating so often, I’ve been a regular since April.
Will the series have a new season? What is the cast of the series? Will QI have a new season? Thanks for the support and a hug.

QI, Season 20 Release Date on Netflix

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