Reigns: Three Kingdoms Revisits History on Netflix

Reigns: Three Kingdoms Revisits History on Netflix

Nerial et Return Digital announced the release of Reigns: Three Kingdoms exclusively on Netflix.

Inspired by literary fresco The Romance of the Three Kingdomsthe fifth installment of the award-winning hit series takes you back to the turbulent final years of the Han Dynasty.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms expands on the principles explored in previous Reigns games with an original combat system that adds a new tactical layer to the core concept. Explore the different factions, battles and heroes of this epic story without forgetting to negotiate with your rivals, strengthen your alliances, corrupt your enemies and recruit new soldiers to defend your colors!

You start as a simple beggar: you will have to climb the social ladder until you take control of one of the 14 regions of China, at a time when the centralized power of the Empire is completely disintegrating. Unifying the warring factions will require you to embrace the metaphysical turn of events and accept the furious race against time that intensifies with each new choice. Your actions have consequences for history as well as history!

Reigns: Three Kingdoms, en bref :

  • An original narrative adventure spanning over 1,500 card variations and over 100 colorful characters
  • The brilliant concept of Reigns gets a new dimension with an exciting combat system, playable against the AI ​​in the story mode but also in asynchronous PvP
  • The dozens of different quests each have their own dedicated arc, characters and heroes to recruit, people to marry and children to raise

Reigns: Three Kingdoms Revisits History on Netflix

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