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Roborock S7 vacuum robot now greatly reduced!

Roborock S7 vacuum robot now greatly reduced!

Regularly cleaning your own house or apartment can be really annoying. Although there are now quite good robots that can largely take over this tiresome activity for you independently, the often quite high price still deters you from buying them. How good that for Black Friday various premium vacuum robots are offered more cheaply.

Buy vacuum robots now cheaper

Especially popular in online shops like Otto is the Roborock vacuum robot S7. You can currently get the basic version there as part of the Black Friday offers for cheaper 399 euros. You save a whopping 33 percent compared to the RRP of 599 euros.

Of the Roborock S7 not only vacuums floors, but also scrubs them up to 3,000 times a minute thanks to special sound technology. It also removes stubborn and dried-up dirt some robots can leave behind, from coffee to muddy footprints and more.

Through intelligent mop lifting the vacuum robot can also vacuum on low-pile carpets. Thanks to LiDAR navigation accurate maps are created with adaptive route algorithms and the fastest route is always calculated. If the robot should not vacuum in some places, no-go zones, invisible walls and no-mop zones can be created.

Even in larger houses with a lot of space, the Roborock S7 does not give up. The long battery life allows uninterrupted cleanings of up to 180 minutes.

Roborock robot vacuum S7: Features at a glance:

  • Intense sonic mopping: The S7 mop vibrates 3000 times per minute and cleans thoroughly and effectively.
  • Ultrasonic carpet detection: With an ultrasonic sensor, carpets are detected quickly and accurately.
  • Intelligent wipe route planning: The many options include lifting mops, avoiding rugs, and even wet mopping.
  • child lock: Easily discourage pets and children from starting to clean up.
  • More mop pressure: The stable downforce of approx. 600 g ensures an even wiping and cleaning effect throughout the house.: Convenience of automatic lifting
  • When the carpet is detected, the S7 can automatically lift the mop into vacuum mode without stopping the cleaning.
  • APP real-time view: See the exact mopping and vacuuming routes and decide where to place rugs. The curved route and carpet position are clear at a glance.

Which products are reduced at Otto on Black Friday?

As part of the Black Fridays you can buy numerous technical products at reasonable prices in the Otto online shop. These include televisions, smartphones, tablets, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and fully automatic coffee machines. So that you don’t lose track, we have created a comprehensive overview for you in the following lines.

New customer discount at Otto

As soon as you have created an account with Otto, you benefit from the new customer discount and get the Shipping Flat to get to know for 6 months free. This saves you shipping costs with every order. You will also receive one Welcome voucher worth 15 euros. You can find the discount code and all other information about the new customer discount on the Otto website.

Roborock S7 vacuum robot now greatly reduced!

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