Shortest Answer Win Codes November 2022

Shortest Answer Win Codes November 2022

Check out Shortest Answer Wins codes, the Roblox quiz game all about getting the shortest answer possible and trolling other players.

Shortest Answer Wins is a shorter alternative to Longest Answer Wins. This time you have to choose the shortest answer, play with your teammates using different power-ups and try to become a quiz master.

We have the latest codes for shortest answer wins and since this is a brand new game Roblox, we are receiving many new awards for the same milestones. Come and like the game for more codes and we will publish them all here. Now find the shortest answer!

We have added these codes November 21.

All codes to win for the shortest answer

Here are all the working codes to win for the shortest answer in November 2022.

The code Reward Active/Overdue
2000likes Tile Cobblestone Active (NEW CODE)
1000 likes 1000 bucks Active (NEW CODE)
500 likes Albert Tile Active
200 likes Rainbow! Active
50 likes 750 coins Active
Release 500 coins Active

Roblox codes are listed in the case – sensitive – this means that you need to add them as they appear above in the table, so copy the numbers, capital letters and punctuation marks exactly.


How to redeem codes in shortest answer wins

Here’s how to get free coins and chips in Short Answer Wins.

  • Open the game
  • Click the button Codes on the right side of the screen
  • Enter the code in the field
  • Enter, activate and enjoy!

Code not working? Check the correctness of the input. Copy and paste directly from the list because we have verified that they all work. If the code still does not work, it means that it has expired and you will need to check for other new codes soon.

What are Shortest Response Win Codes?

Shortest Answers Wins Codes free rewards , issued by the developer NOOBestudios. They can be exchanged in-game for free tiles and free coins, which are used to upgrade your arsenal of troll potion quizzes and fun skins for other players!

How to get more codes

We update this page with all new codes as they are usually added to the game page and then removed after a while. We have all the codes ready to go. If you’d like to stay tuned for game updates and upcoming content (including codes!), check out the official Discord server here.

Shortest Answer Win Codes November 2022

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