Sonic Frontiers How to Defeat Wyvern - Sonic Frontiers: How to Defeat Wyvern

Sonic Frontiers: How to Defeat Wyvern

Sonic Frontiers: How to Defeat Wyvern

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Wyvern is the final boss on Ares Island, floating menacingly through the air and challenging Sonic to find a way up to him.

Sonic Frontiers How to Defeat Wyvern - Sonic Frontiers: How to Defeat WyvernSonic Frontiers pits Sonic on a quest to rescue his friends from cyberspace, which means he must face off against the mighty Titans that can be found on the Starfall Islands. Each of them presents a challenge and is impossible to defeat in its normal form.

Unfortunately, the Chao Emeralds are a bit scarce in Sonic Frontiers. They scatter across each island, forcing Sonic to collect them before he can face the Titans. With each Titan personally guarding an Emerald, this means Sonic must face off against an insurmountable foe to find his way to the China Emeralds and turn the tide.

This is how you reach the Wyvern’s head

The serpentine Dragon Titan known as the “Wyvern” rolls through the skies of Ares Island. Once you have collected six Chaos Emeralds, you enter a new zone and must find a way to reach Wyvern’s head. The final emerald is in a vault on top of the wyvern’s head, so reaching the wyvern is the number one priority when taking down this titan.

A turret in the distance, just before where Sonic enters the arena and which appears in the Wyvern cutscene, is the key to reaching Wyvern’s head. You sprint straight there and use Sonic’s wall-walking and grinding abilities to scale the tower. Once at the top there is a spot that resembles a springboard and you just have to wait for Wyvern to come by. With a jump and a well-aimed attack, Sonic can get hold of him, but he’s not too keen on the hedgehog flying with him.

After Wyvern shakes off Sonic, use homing attacks to bounce off multiple spinning laser beams and reach the path Wyvern creates. Once Sonic has landed on the path, he must run and boost to catch Wyvern’s head. You have to dodge all the glowing orbs on the way and use the homing attack to jump through the laser beams when there are gaps on the way. Eventually, Sonic lands over the wyvern and collapses back onto its back. Then you grab the emerald and it’s time to turn the tables.

How to defeat Wyvern

During this phase, Sonic hunts and fights the Wyvern, but while doing so, you must watch out for his increasingly scarce supply of rings. In contrast to gigantic This boss gives Sonic a few opportunities to refill his rings during the chase, but the room for error is still pretty small.

Wyvern’s main strategy for disrupting Sonic’s progress during the chase is a barrage of homing missiles that can be dodged with a few careful moves when they approach. Grab rings wherever possible to power up Sonic and pounce on Wyvern. As soon as Sonic gets close to him, Wyvern unleashes a claw swing that can be countered with a parry. Parrying allows counterattacking wyverns, so it’s recommended to use the best combo attacks to damage the boss and defeat him.

Eventually, Wyvern will turn around and attempt another claw attack, but a well-timed parry can stagger him, leaving him vulnerable to even more damage and a hard QTE counterattack.

Finally, Wyvern enters the second phase, firing waves of laser rings. Wyvern’s missile fire gets denser and faster during the pursuit sequences, and you have to parry Wyvern twice in quick succession before you can attack him. When Wyvern gets tired of taking a beating, he unleashes a barrage of missiles that Sonic can focus and throw right back if you hit the QTE right.

With the Wyvern running low on health, all it takes is one final QTE sequence to blast it with its own missiles and end the fight.

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Sonic Frontiers: How to Defeat Wyvern

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