Soulstone Survivors: 6 tips for beginners

Soulstone Survivors: 6 tips for beginners

Soulstone Survivors game focuses on you fighting against a lot of enemies in order to survive. Since it has some issues, you should check out some key tips.

  • Movement speed is the most important stat
  • Synergize your skills
  • Use evasions sparingly
  • Check your stats after a run
  • Work on the green part of the skill tree

Soul Stone Survivorstakes a unique approach as a roguelike, forcing you to fend off the waves in an RPG style. You go to different maps, defeat hundreds of enemies and destroy five bosses in each area. Since you get different skills in each battle, you will have to plan what exactly you will get.

Even though the game seems easy since you don’t have to activate your skills, it can quickly become difficult, even during the first level. This means you need to get a feel for the game, figure out how to maximize your survival, and unlock more levels to boost your res.


This game is still in Early Access. You can expect some parts to change or be updated as the game progresses towards the full release.

Stay moving and circling Map

Enemies will constantly approach you and try to defeat you. If you don’t want to be surrounded you must stay on the move to avoid damage. If you keep moving, the enemies will have to follow you, especially the weak foot soldiers who can only hit you in close combat.

You will want to circle the map in agreed paths to gain experience. Otherwise, you can kill some enemies in places and forget about them, which will generally make you weaker. The roundabout will also allow you to look for places to collect more res. You’ll want to collect as many of them as possible to upgrade all of your characters and make future runs easier..

If you keep moving, enemies won’t be able to hit you with standard attacks. Only attacks that leave red circles of area of ​​effect (AOE) can damage you. Keep moving and you won’t get hit while running.

Movement speed is the most important stat

Speaking of moving around the map, movement speed remains the most important stat you can increase. As you progress through the areas and level up, you will be able to choose passive bonuses between active skills. You should always choose a move option whenever it appears. If you have initial running speed, it will be difficult for you to fight enemies later in the run.

Because the stats stack, you can greatly increase your movement to the point where enemies will struggle to catch you. Once you’re at a comfortable movement speed, you can prioritize other passive buffs, such as increasing AOE size or damage dealt. Generally speaking, you need Receive a 150% movement speed bonusbefore focusing on something else. While the speed boost won’t appear every time, keep an eye on it so you don’t miss it.

One of the passive bonuses increases your attack by 20% while slowing your movement speed by 10. Never resort to itas it will be more difficult for you to dodge and it will be difficult for you to survive.

Synergize your skills

As you try out the characters and see what skills they gain, you’ll want to synergy them as effectively as possible. Some characters are good at melee attacks, such as the Barbarian. On the other hand, mages are good at ranged attacks, so you need to maximize that damage and focus on staying away from the enemy.

You should also look for the “get off me” tool when looking at spells. For example, Flame Wave shoots a ring around you that knocks back enemies. Even though this spell is a melee move, it works best on a ranged build. In this way, if any enemies get too close, you will be able to confuse them and keep hitting them with various spells. On the other hand, a push move would be wrong for a melee build as it knocks enemies out of the way of your other attacks.

The synergy also applies to the passive skills you get. For example, if you have a build with a lot of poison, you should increase the poison damage when it spawns. The same applies to other conditions such as death or burns. You can even get passive skills that give each move a chance to inflict burn, poison, or other debuffs. Keep that in mind, see what the game has to offer, and think about what fits your current build.

You can always replace active skills when you have a full set. Don’t be afraid to try something new in your build and replace it later if it doesn’t fit. Experimenting like this will help you find the perfect build for each character.

Use Evasion Sparingly

Even though your dodge has a short cooldown, you should use it sparingly. If you use it too often, you will find yourself without evasion during a powerful attack, so refrain from throwing if possible. You should reserve it for repositioning or dodging AoE attacks.. If you need a general rule of thumb, wait until you’re surrounded by enemies and then dodge the group to make room. This will help you avoid melee attacks, so you won’t take any damage while you’re walking out of the corner.

AoE attacks can sometimes be hard to dodge. For example, the circles that expand on the ground are straight lines, but the lines track you until the attacks start. If you see a circle roll out of the center to avoid damage. It takes a second to move, so you can react quickly. As for the lines, keep moving away from them and wait until the red area is filled. This will increase your chances of avoiding an attack.

Check your stats after your run

After you finish your run, you will see how your stats are doing. This includes information about your abilities that dealt the most damage while running. If you look at these stats, you can see which spells helped you the most during the game.. For example, if you notice that spells that hit near you are best for your playstyle, you know to stick with them. Others may prefer to summon pets as it works better for them.

You will have to experiment with different characters to see which ones will help you deal the most damage and survive. Also, remember that survival abilities won’t do as much damage, but you’ll still need them for useful purposes. However, if you notice that some damage spells do little to no damage, you might want to avoid this ability in the futureand save the slot for something more powerful.

Work on the green part of the skill tree

You will notice that there are three sections in the game’s skill tree: red, blue, and green. Red increases your attack to help you kill enemies, blue increases your defense to increase your survivability, and green section improves re gain and utility. Since res help you win battles and have a better chance, you need to upgrade them immediately.

For example. , The green section increases your movement speed, increases your experience, gives you more secondary soul gems, and many other benefits. Since they are useful in making grinding, moving, and combat easier, you should prioritize them. You might want to take advantage of the extra redwood evasionbut in general green offers the best options.

You may find it difficult to complete Soulstone Survivors, but you will #39;It will be easier to work on the characters and practice. See if you can improve your movement by aiming at enemies to get better results. If you work hard, keep up the good work and follow the tips, you will pass all the levels and even go through the higher level sections to unlock everything.

Soulstone Survivors: 6 tips for beginners

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