Squid Game number 001 sued for sexual assault

Squid Game number 001 sued for sexual assault

It’s a case dating back to 2017 that catches up with actor Oh Yeong-su, 78.

Sacred Best actor in a supporting role at the last Golden Globes, the actor of Squid Game Oh Young-su is in turmoil today. The 78-year-old Korean is being sued in Suwon, South Korea, for allegedly touching a woman inappropriately in 2017.

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The alleged victim filed a complaint against Oh in December 2021. Authorities dismissed the case in April 2022, but reopened it at the victim’s request, Yonhap News Agency reports. Oh denied the allegations (via Variety):

“I just held her hand to guide her around the lake. I apologized because she didn’t want to make a fuss about it, but it doesn’t change that I acknowledge the accusations made against me.”

AFP news agency quoted a Suwon court official as saying that “everything reported by local media is not factually accurate.” The agency added that Korea’s Ministry of Culture had taken down a government television ad featuring Oh Young-su.

In Squid Gamethe Netflix series, Oh Young-su played the oldest participant in the competition, the famous number 001 that number 456 took under his wing.

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