Supergirl gets a new name and powers as the only Kryptonian on Earth

Supergirl gets a new name and powers as the only Kryptonian on Earth

Author Sebastian Baksh Published 2 days ago

When she became the only Kryptonian on Earth in the alternate universe, Supergirl took on a whole new superhero persona and gained new powers.

Throughout DC Comic Universe Few heroes are as iconic as Kryptonian plucky cousin Kal Ela, Supergirl.Her relationship to Superman is almost synonymous with her legendary history, but in the endlessly complex multiverse system hosted by the DC Universe, there is one variant that exists entirely independently of her cousin. This Supergirl even has a completely different hero name and power.

Supergirl is different from Superman in many ways. Despite having similar names, she is completely her own unique character and often introduces readers to a more fluid but relatable character. She often retains elements of Superman’s character, such as having an indomitable will or exuding kindness and hope. This can be partly explained by the massive impact Superman had on her when she arrived on Earth. In an alternate universe where Earth never had a Superman, the character Kara Zor-El is almost unrecognizable.


This new version of Supergirl first appears in Trinity #18 2008.Kurt Busiek and Mark Badji. When Justice League members Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are completely erased from time, readers can get a glimpse of what the world would eventually look like without any of these characters. In Supergirl’s case, she wears a much more militarized outfit and personality without the influence of Superman. Here she bears the name "Interceptor" and becomes much more aggressive. She seems to be much more of an enforcer in this universe than ever before, and completely lacks the humanity she would have if Superman were around. In addition, it was revealed that in this universe, the Interceptor is also capable of using a solar flare similar to the power that Superman recently debuted. It seems that she could have stayed on Earth much longer to gain power of this magnitude.

Supergirl aka Interceptor reveals her solar flare

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This storyline is Trinity DC’s demonstrates just how much Superman is an integral part of the Supergirl story by showing readers the extent to which Kal-El’s kindness affects those around him. Since Supergirl arrived on Earth later than Superman in the main universe, he was the one who became her mentor and guide throughout her teenage years. In a universe where Supergirl has never been privy to his presence, she acts and speaks in a completely different way. Even though she is stronger in this universe, she lacks many of the qualities that make her such a compelling hero. Her relationships with others also appear to have been affected by this shift. Even changing her name from Supergirl to Interceptor really makes it feel like she’s become nothing more than a military dog ​​used for what one might assume are morally gray missions.

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Supergirl in a universe without Superman is a character drastically different from the main timeline #39; Kara Zor-El that they are really similar only in origin. Everything about Supergirl from this universe after she landed on Earth noticeably changed and she definitely got worse. This other version Supergirl really opens up a lot of doors for interesting possibilities of how you can play with other characters DC Comicschanging only one important event in their lives. p>

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Supergirl gets a new name and powers as the only Kryptonian on Earth

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