Superman and Supergirl’s daughter makes them both look weak

Superman and Supergirl’s daughter makes them both look weak

Joe Anthony Myrick Posted 1 day ago

Superman and a forgotten version of Supergirl from another world have the potential to spawn perhaps the most powerful Kryptonian in comic book history.

In the long history of the DC Universe, one of the most powerful beings to ever exist is naturally a daughter Superman and Supergirl. But because the two heroes are Kryptonian cousins, their super-powerful offspring have received a forgotten replacement from the Superman family they have to thank for their creation.

After the events of the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths, the traditional Supergirl Kara Zor-El was erased from mainstream DC continuity, making Superman the sole survivor of Krypton. To replace her, a dying New Earth girl named Linda Danvers was introduced, destined to merge with the Matrix, who could mimic Superman’s form and powers. Thus, a new Supergirl was created. And then the story gets even weirder.


When New Earth Supergirl tries to take the place of Earth-One Supergirl Kara, Linda accidentally creates a split timeline where Superman falls madly in love with her. The duo soon marry and have a daughter: Ariella Kent, Supergirl of the 853rd century.

Supergirl of the future has more than just Kryptonian superpowers

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Ariella is naturally endowed with all the classic Kryptonian abilities, as well as the additional ability to teleport and travel through time at will. Her power is fully manifested in Supergirl Volume 4 #100000 by Peter David and Dusty Abell, showing that Ariella has evolved into this godson, able to take over entire universes without even trying (referred to as “playing”). While the concept of both Ariella Kent and her mother is complex enough to encourage most readers to forget this chapter, this future Kent’s god-like abilities are another case where Supergirl shouldn’t be overlooked.

Viewers are beginning to notice that Superman’s canon son, Jonathan Kent (who, it’s worth noting, is half-human on his mother’s side) has been getting more and more attention in recent years, slowly meeting his potential as one of the planet’s most powerful beings. But even he has yet to demonstrate the next level abilities and levels of power that Ariella can realize as a child purely by chance. It may be easy to dismiss this comparison, since the two Kent children exist in different continuity, but it raises an interesting question about Kryptonian power, which DC has rarely (if ever) delved into. The scale of Ariella’s power demonstrates the potential possible in a child born to two Kryptonians… even if one of those Kryptonians is no longer canon in the current DC Universe continuity.

Superman himself is one of the strongest heroes on planet Earth, and this Supergirl no less powerful due to her origins in the Matrix. So it’s no surprise that by combining her bloodlines, Ariella Kent becomes the strongest Kryptonian ever depicted in comics.

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Superman and Supergirl’s daughter makes them both look weak

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