Survival show aims to push streamers to their limits

Survival show aims to push streamers to their limits

Of the Hype around 7 vs Wild is huge. The new episodes are clicked millions of times within a few hours. Trymacs now wants to jump on this train and his own survival show make. Nerds in the Dirt is the name of the whole thing and he already has several seasons planned. This is what the project should look like.

The Concept of “Nerd in the Dirt”

Trymacs wants his own survival show to line up. The concept differs slightly from 7 vs. Wild. He wants to be with three other content creators and an expert experience an expedition. They will not stay in place, but a certain cross area.

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“50, 60, 70, 80 kilometers in 3, 4, 5 days if it’s feasible. We totally suck. Maybe we have to stop after day two, I don’t know. […] It will be pure, nothing will be staged. If we’re out and emergency team comes, we’re out.”

More seasons are already planned. It’s supposed to be in the various climate zones walk.

Trymacs: Survival Show starts in December

The first key data stand firm. season one should take place this December. the charisma should also be this month, but it could be postponed to January. The consequences will be on YouTube appear. How many it will be is not yet clear.

This is the gaming setup of Trymacs:

The participants and the expert promise entertainment:


  • Trymacs
  • MckyTV
  • Chef Strobel
  • Nicholas Stemmler (Trymac’s brother)


  • Otto Karasch (7 vs Wild)

The inexperienced squad ends up in cold Finland. There they want to join down to minus 30 degrees Celsius hike through the wilderness for several days. If the first season is well received, places like Deserts of sand and ice, tropics and mountains follow.

Trymacs counts himself, his brother and Otto to the regular cast. Other participants could Rumathra or Montana Black will.

Survival show aims to push streamers to their limits

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