That ’70s Show Cellar Reopens in That ’90s Show Teaser

That ’70s Show Cellar Reopens in That ’90s Show Teaser

Red Forman is delighted to welcome new high school students to his home…

Welcome to 1995. Here we are back in the Forman basement for the new Netflix series That ’90s Show.

Except that two decades later, it’s Leia, the daughter of Eric and Donna from That ’70s Show, who is going to take over the cellar, much to Red’s chagrin. The young high school girl visits her grandparents for the summer and will befriend a new generation of children from Point Place, under the loving eye of Kitty… the stern gaze of Red.

Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp will be returning to the cast, while former residents of the cave in question, including Ashton Kutsher and Mila Kunis, will reappear on occasion, just to show us what became of Kelso, Jackie, Fez and others.

We discover below the first trailer which tells us, by the way, that That ’90s Show (in 10 episodes) will be released on January 19 on Netflix.

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