The announcement of Infinity Nikki in a beautiful trailer

The announcement of Infinity Nikki in a beautiful trailer

Lovers of peaceful games and Zelda, discover theInfinity Nikki announcementthe open world dress up game and crossplatform from Papergames. If you are as surprised as we are by this original mix, let’s analyze together the very beautiful images of the trailer to get a glimpse of the content of the game.

The Infinity Nikki announcement trailer on PC, PlayStation and mobile

It is through a trailer that Papergames unveiled theInfinity Nikki announcementits type game dress up in open world coming to Android, iOS, PS5, PS4 and PC. If the term dress up means nothing to you, these are games whose goal is to dress a character with several costumes to be recovered in different ways.

The previous licensed games, Shining Nikki, Miracle Nikki and Nikki UP2U World Traveller, are only available on mobile. But for this ambitious new gamethe Papergames studio has offered the services of Kentaro Tominagawho was a game designer on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as all games in the franchise since The Wind Waker.

We also strongly feel the inspiration of Nintendo’s game in the images of the trailer, which reveals a fantasy world with green landscapes in which we really want to walk.

Multiple activities in a magical world

Although little information is revealed about the game content in the trailer and on the official website, we can see several activities in the Infinity Nikki announcement trailer, such as fishing, cute creatures to adopt, but also platform phases during exploration or runner phases in a collapsing building.

Obviously, Infinity Nikki’s main objective will be to collect a multitude of outfits to show off during your walks in this peaceful universe. the housing has not been announced in Infinity Nikki, but it’s a safe bet that it will be possible to decorate his house to fully enjoy the world of Miraland.

Our only deductions concern the gameplay of the game, and more particularly the physics, with floating jump animations, which gives a slow effect. It remains to be seen whether this is a problem that will be solved during development or a will of the studio.

That’s it for theInfinity Nikki announcement, the open world dress up game from Papergames, coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Android and iOS. To keep you informed of the news, I refer you to our page dedicated to mobile news.

The announcement of Infinity Nikki in a beautiful trailer

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