The best full-fledged mouse pads

The best full-fledged mouse pads

Mouse pads can be a problem for many people, especially those that either don’t stay in place or are just not big enough for the required amount of mouse surface. Thankfully, large, full-sized mouse pads, or desk mats as they’re often called, have become commonplace. Obviously, it is the size of your desk that will determine whether the mouse pads and table mats mentioned here will cover the entire surface, but all of the ones mentioned here will provide enough room for even the largest mice and keyboards.

Mouse pad 3XL

The best full fledged mouse pads - The best full-fledged mouse pads
Image from XL Mouse Pad Store

The 3XL Mouse Pad from the aptly named XL Mouse Pad Store is a relatively simple piece, but it’s also functional and large enough to cover a wide range of tabletops. At 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep, it completely covers most standard PC gaming tables and its edges are stitched to avoid wear after heavy use or during laundering.

The XL Mouse Pad Store also ensures that their mouse pads are free of the chemical rubber smell found in many newer neoprene mouse pads. While airing out the neoprene for a few days will usually eliminate this odor, it’s nice for those who don’t tolerate it well. They also offer a 4XL model that takes the width up to 60 inches for those of you with very large tables.

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BUBM Full Lip Mouse Pad

1669723046 953 The best full fledged mouse pads - The best full-fledged mouse pads
Image via BUBM

This mouse pad from BUBM has a faux leather surface. This means that in addition to not having a distinct neoprene odor, it will also be largely water resistant and make the surface much easier to clean and maintain. It features a lip design that wraps around the front edge of your desk, which saves a lot of wrists for those who have a habit of resting their wrists on the edges of a table. It also helps keep the mat in place and adds a bit of professional touch. It likely won’t cover your entire 29″ wide, 18″ deep table unless you have a particularly small table, but it will cover a fairly large portion.

PUPUFU Leather table mat

1669723046 803 The best full fledged mouse pads - The best full-fledged mouse pads
Image via PUPUFU

This table mat from PUPUFU combines the best of both worlds with a standard fabric top on one side and faux leather on the other. This means you can easily switch between a more professional-looking faux leather upper and a more comfortable fabric upper without having to have two different table mats. Between these two layers is a neoprene mat that provides cushioning and weight while preventing slippage. At 48 inches wide, it’s big enough to cover most tables, and PUPUFU offers two different depths for that size. They also offer several different color options to match the aesthetic of your table.

Cacoy L-shaped table stand

1669723046 118 The best full fledged mouse pads - The best full-fledged mouse pads
Image via Which

This rug from Cacoy is a double-sided, full-length rug for your L-shaped table. One side of the mat is covered with faux leather for easy cleaning, while the other side is covered with a standard cloth. This pad is also thin for those who prefer a more comfortable writing pad. Cacoy gave it stitched edges to keep the tops from splitting and offers several different color options.

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Large mouse pad Auhosahsil XXL

1669723046 259 The best full fledged mouse pads - The best full-fledged mouse pads
Image via Auhoahsil

There’s no shortage of patterned table mats. Which one you choose will most likely depend on the style you want, but Auhoahsil offers a wide selection of great looking neoprene rugs with over two dozen different models. The 35-inch width may not cover your entire table, but it should cover a significant portion. The bottom is made from standard non-slip neoprene and costs less than $20, which is a price hard to beat for this amount of table mat.

When choosing a table mat, it’s important to keep things like pattern and surface feel in mind. Darker mats show dirt more easily, and the standard neoprene will pick up some sweat and oil from your hands. So while neoprene feels nice to the touch, it does require extra cleaning compared to a leather or plastic-coated rug. If you’re looking for comfort and don’t mind brushing, neoprene with a fabric upper is the way to go.

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The best full-fledged mouse pads

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