The best shiny Pokemon to look for in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson

The best shiny Pokemon to look for in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are entertaining games for Pokemon fans once they get past the litany of performance issues at the game’s launch. That being said, there were some really fun features underneath, as well as brand new creatures to discover, and for a certain subculture, that means one thing: new shiny Pokemon. Some of the Shiny Scarlet and Purple Pokemon feature familiar faces, or new evolutions, or entirely brand new creatures, but all of these are generally considered aesthetically pleasing and different enough to be excited.

Which shiny Pokemon are the most worthwhile in Scarlet and Purple?

While this is a subjective assessment of a feature in Crimson and Crimson, it’s fun to discuss Shiny Hunting’s positive outcomes rather than the frustrating, time-consuming, and uninspired variants of others. Below are some great examples of fun colorways in the game, with some classics and some new entries:


We know this is pretty basic, but for good reason: Umbreon was one of the most popular additions to Generation II, which is where Shiny Pokemon first appeared. Umbreon is a great example of a Pokemon’s color variant being different, but with strikingly good color coordination and still resembling the Pokemon that’s still considered Shiny in scarlet and purple. Umbreon appears frequently in favorite Pokemon lists, particularly in relation to the Gold and Silver additions.


In addition to being an animal ice-type with lots of base HP and good attack stats, Cetitan also has an important distinction as a Shiny Scarlet and Purple Pokemon. Cetitan and its earlier form Cetoddle have sufficiently different shiny forms to pick out from a potential crowd and they look striking with the dominant black exterior, gray underside and face and orange accents.


Mabosstiff not only absolutely stole our hearts in the Path of Legends storyline in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson, but also a great understated Shiny form. While their facial features may be relatively the same between Shiny and regular forms, the Shiny Mabosstiff’s coat is now a ghostly shade of purple, which is funny given their monotype Dark typography. Either way, shiny or not, Mabosstiff is a good dog and no one can argue about that.

paw motor

Although it’s not entirely clear what animal this is based on, Pawmot is an adorable, rowdy Electric-type and Fighting-type Pokémon introduced to this generation. It’s also worth noting that while Pawmot appears as an entry on this list, all three forms, including Pawmi and Pawmo, are all pleasing to the eye for Shiny Hunters. The soft pink shades but familiar beige on the paws, tail and face would make for a cute squishmallow, to say the least.


How the tables have turned. This Pokemon was one of the biggest jokes to emerge from Generation II, with very little in its favor as a simple, normal type. But this Pokemon has received a new evolution in scarlet and purple, and the shiny version’s pink accents arguably just look better than this land snake’s classic blue underside. But if you’re a particularly masochistic Shiny Hunter, you’ll be frustrated to learn how difficult it is to evolve your Shiny Dunsparce into a 3-slice Dudunsparce, making this possibly the most difficult Shiny Pokémon to obtain as well.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

– This article was updated on November 26, 2022

The best shiny Pokemon to look for in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson

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