The Callisto Protocol: Trophies and Achievements Guide

The Callisto Protocol: Trophies and Achievements Guide

You want the survival shooter game “The Callisto Protocol‘ Survive and collect all implant bios? Do you want to get the platinum trophy? Then you are exactly right here! This Trophy Guide and Achievement Guide will help you solve all the puzzles!

Some of the achievements are story related and there are a few combat related trophies. There aren’t many collectibles in this game, which makes clearing everything a little easier.

PlayStation Trophies 27 (1,7,9,10)
Online trophies 0
Offline trophies 27
Minimum playthroughs 1
Missable Trophies All except those related to the story
Time for platinum 12 to 22 hours

Introduction – The Path to Platinum

Depending on your mood, you can complete everything in one run and return with the platinum trophy. To do this, you must start the game with the “High Security Ward” difficulty level, which is available from the start.

If you do that, you can collect the 43 implant bios and bios data and get the battle trophies in chapter 3. The only problem is there is no chapter select. So if you miss something you can’t go back, you have to start a new game.

To avoid having to play again because of a bios implant, you should create a manual save as often as possible. Which then serves as an entry point in case you have to return again.

It’s up to you how you proceed, if you prefer to enjoy “The Callisto Protocol” chilled out, you can also start on an easy difficulty and then complete the game on hard.

The Callisto Protocol Trophy Guide

  • That’s it Jacob!
    Collect all trophies.

  • i belong here
    Complete the game on any difficulty.

    This trophy cannot be missed, it belongs to the story and will come after Chapter 8.

  • you need a gun
    Fully upgrade a weapon.

    If you want to make it easy for yourself, use the pistol. You can improve them at a workbench, which is available from Chapter 3 and can be found in many places. To fully upgrade the pistol, you need a total of 2,800 credits.

  • Protocol strives for life
    Complete the game on Maximum Security Ward difficulty.

    This is the highest level of difficulty in the game! Enemies have far more health and deal more damage. On the plus side, you have infinite life and there are a lot of checkpoints to return to when you die.

  • Reaper
    Harvest and read all implant bios.

  • The similarity
    Uncover the secret of Kallipolis.

    To solve the mystery you need to find two of the bios data:
    Chapter 3, Duncan Cole: If you are supposed to find the Medical Facility. There is a metal plate by the laundry room, behind it is a secret passage, this will take you to the secret room.
    Chapter 6, Yannick Sage: On the way to the reactor you will squeeze through a gap and climb a line up. There is another crevice that you can squeeze through.

  • Two heads are better than one
    Defeat the two-headed.

  • Close
    Kill an enemy with GRP and melee combo.

  • have more
    Grab 25 enemies with the GRP.

  • Terminated
    Defeat a security robot.

  • Paper Jam
    Print a weapon for the first time.

  • Improved
    Print a weapon upgrade.

  • rear
    Backstab five blind enemies.

  • Float like a butterfly
    Dodge perfectly five times.

  • flesh wound
    Grab both arms of a living enemy with melee or ranged weapons.

  • Better you than me!
    Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards.

  • accident at work
    Kill an enemy by throwing them into environmental hazards with the GRP.

  • mugshot
    Take a photo with photo mode.

  • The Outer Way
    Find the Outer Way boarding ship.

  • Hard times
    Elias gives Jacob a blade.

  • Better safe than sorry
    Activate the SHU.

  • Without paddle
    Survive the tube slide.

  • crash site
    Return to the crashed ship.

  • Aim in sight, we’re good to go
    Reach the hangar’s flight deck.

  • light on
    Restore power to the old facility.

  • Under the surface
    Find the origin.

  • Everything at the beginning
    Get thrown back into your old cell.

The Callisto Protocol: Trophies and Achievements Guide

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