The Case of the Golden Idol: All Judgments in Case 4 – Murder of the Little Mermaid

The Case of the Golden Idol: All Judgments in Case 4 – Murder of the Little Mermaid

We’re off to The Little Mermaid, the gay inn at the center of the gruesome scene in Case 4, The Case of the Golden Idol.

  • Thinking Mode: Scorecard
  • Thinking Mode: Personalities
  • Thinking mode: a series of events

It starts to feel like this golden idol is somewhat cursed. This is what you get when you play the detective game called The Case of the Golden Idol – there is a very high chance that you will encounter some curses.

Despite the dead body in the bedroom, there is some hilarity going on in this case. The Little Mermaid is a lovely little pub – I hope the murder doesn’t get bad press. As you might expect, solving this murder is your goal in this chapter.

Exploration Mode: All temporary locations

In this case, you need to find 26 termsand they are divided between two rooms. To get to the bar downstairs, click on the dark flight of stairs in the middle of the room.


Term Location
Window Examine any of the windows.
Scissors Examine the window on the left to see a man on the ground. Examine the scissors in his pockets.
Luke Examine any of the hatches on the bedroom ceiling. Maurice In the bedroom on the right, examine the open drawer on the floor. You will find this name on a pocket watch.
Henry View the window on the right to see the watchman on the ground. You will find the name on his paddle and spear when you click on it.
A spear
Saber In the pockets of the man on the left with his hand raised.
Annie Examine the stiletto in the pockets of the woman at the table and then the note for Annie’s name. You will find John in the woman’s dialogue, not on her belongings.
Dagger Examine the man on the right, the dagger is in his pockets.
Navaya Examine the knife in the violinist’s pockets.
Evans Examine the promotional poster next to the door leading to the bedrooms.
Robert Examine the wanted poster on the wall near the bar.
Green Examine the board next to the bar.
Willard View the book on the counter in front of the bartender.
Oscar Examine the note and the knife in the bartender’s pockets. .
Door Examine the door on the right.

Thinking Mode: Scorecard

The first task in this case is write everyone’s names on the scorecard.which you found on the table between the card players. If you have collected all the names and noted which ones go well with each other, it will be easy for you to piece together the clues.

  • Some of initials can only belong to certain names since they only start with those letters. This should handle some of them pretty easily.
  • Although there are several given names whose last names begin with letters ‘B,’ you can find references to these names in their entirety without any guesswork.
  • One person won both first games and wins the third This may help identify them.
  • You may have already met the name of a certain person in previous caseunless you have met him in person.


The table below contains answers to questions about the identity of each person, with their location in the table corresponding to their position in the scorecard.

Annie Green Willard Wright Maurice Evans
Annie Green John Bridge Oscar Boyton
Annie Green John Bridge Ash Blair


Thinking mode: personalities

With the completed scorecard, you now have everything you need to determine the identity of all participants.

  • As in the previous case, there is only one female character.
  • Willard Wrightwas the main thing to deal with two – watch a familiar face.
  • Characters who have lettersmost likely, are those to whom the letter is addressed.
  • M.E. seems to have lost a lot of money in that first game of cards – is there anyone here who regrets gambling?
  • The man with the scissors looks like on the run. There must be a hint of his personality.
  • Pay attention to the characters’ dialogit can give contextual hints.

Again, the table below contains the IDs of each character.

Willard Wright Henry Parker Robert Redruth
John Braige Annie Green Ash Blair
Maurice Evans Oscar Boyton


Thinking mode: a series of events

There are several distractions in this, so you will have to carefully replay the logical order of events in your head.

  • pocket watch it has someone’s name on it. If it doesn’t belong to the victim, how could the victim have it?
  • The door to the victim’s room is the killer must have used an alternate method of infiltration.
  • Hotel door is locked and it seems that the window in the room of the deceased was broken from the inside. Will this narrow the circle of suspects?
  • We know who stays in these rooms thanks to the bartender’s book. Is it important to know host forget-me-not rooms?
  • It was two card games to the one we see now, and we know the names of the players.


Ash Blair snuck into Willard Wright #39;room through Lukewhile John Bridge, Annie Green and Oscar Boyton playing cards with loud music.

Upstairs a fight broke out, and Willard Wright got stabbed dagger.


This will open the fifth case in the game.

The Case of the Golden Idol: All Judgments in Case 4 – Murder of the Little Mermaid

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