La baguette Harry Potter connectée : Magic Caster Wand

The connected Harry Potter wand: Magic Caster Wand

The connected Harry Potter wand: Magic Caster Wand

Wizard friends, get ready to cast spells for real with the new connected Harry Potter wands. Indeed, Warner Bros has just unveiled a new collection of wands that will allow you to take yourself for a wizard thanks to your connected devices, such as your speakers, your television or your light bulbs.

Magic Caster Wand: the connected Harry Potter wand

We had already told you about the Harry Potter spells to cast from the iPhone with Siri, to trigger your flash or launch an application. Well let’s go to the next step with the new connected Harry Potter wands.

Cast spells like a real wizard

With the new collection Magic Caster Wandyou can now run more than 50 spells by combining your movements and your voice. The wand contains various motion sensors, haptic feedback and LEDs. It also comes with an interactive box equipped with LEDs, a microphone and a speaker.

For example, you can cast spells: Lumos to turn on your connected bulbs or Expecto Patronum which triggers an animation on a Smart TV. In the trailer, we can also see the spells Fire, Ascendio, Vermillious or Wingardium Leviosabut we do not yet know their detailed effects.

For fitting your harry potter wand and enjoy the full experience, download theMagic Caster Wand app on Android and iOS. Log in with your WizardingWorld account to customize your profile with your house, patronus, and wand features.

The four models of chopsticks

The Magic Caster Wand is available in 4 models : Loyal, Provocative, Honorable and a variation reserved for members of the Harry Potter Fan Club. With two sticks, challenge your friends to a duel and find out which of you is the best wizard.

Available for pre-order on the official website with a scheduled release in early December for around $150this wand seems like an ideal gift to put under the Christmas tree for any tech-loving Potterhead.

Nevertheless, you will have to compete in ingenuity to get it for you by then, since the Magic Caster Wand is only available in Britain and to United States.

Harry Potter The Noble Collection Wands

There are also already other harry potter wands from The Noble Collection, including the Remote Control Wand, capable of being transformed into a universal remote control for your audio and video devices.

1669233949 737 The connected Harry Potter wand Magic Caster Wand - The connected Harry Potter wand: Magic Caster Wand

If you prefer a baguette without effect (at least for muggles), you will find a multitude of models bearing the effigy of those of iconic characters of the license. On our side, we have made a selection of replicas of our favorite magic wands:

  • Harry Potter’s wand: the classic choice, with the replica of Olivander’s box;
  • Fleur Delacour’s baguette: French elegance;
  • Hermione Granger’s Wand: Intelligence and Wisdom;
  • Sirius Black’s wand: the most underrated character in the entire saga.

The Harry Potter wand holder: an essential accessory

If you decide to have a connected wand, it seems to me essential that you need a harry potter wand holder to show it off when you’re not using it to cast spells on your television or light bulbs.

1669233949 962 The connected Harry Potter wand Magic Caster Wand - The connected Harry Potter wand: Magic Caster Wand

On this side, we offer you different models in the colors of the school of wizards:

  • Hogwarts wand holder, with the coat of arms of the four houses;
  • Gryffindor wand holder, to accompany Harry Potter’s wand;
  • Slytherin wand holder, if you are drawn to the dark side;
  • Ravenclaw wand holder, for the wise and the curious;
  • Hufflepuff wand holder, because it takes everything to make a world.

That’s it for the new connected Harry Potter wands, as well as our advice on Harry Potter wand holders and on the other models available. If you crack during your Christmas shopping, do not hesitate to join our Discord to share your wizarding exploits with us.

The connected Harry Potter wand: Magic Caster Wand

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