The Great War: Western Front presents a first look at gameplay

The Great War: Western Front presents a first look at gameplay

Frontier Foundry et Petroglyphs unveiled a first detailed look at the gameplay of The Great War : Western Front.

Players were able to discover the role of Theater Commander and get a first glimpse of the campaign map. Today, players have a clearer picture of the decisions they will have to make to lead their forces through World War I, in a conflict that will force them to fight for every square inch. It’s up to them to relive history or redefine it.

The Great War : Western Front places players in a unique “dual role”. As Campaign Commander, they will control the battlefield in real time. But they will also be able to oversee the overall war effort as Commander of the Theater of Operations. Players will have to manage the Western Front from a high-strategy map, develop new technologies and strengthen the offensive or defensive capabilities of key regions in order to turn the tide of the war.

During each round, players can coordinate their forces and prepare for the battles to come. They will also need to assess the number of res committed to each conflict, carefully considering the cost of a major victory or a stalemate. As Commander of the Theater of Operations, their decisions will directly influence the chances of success as they control the battlefield. It is by allocating precious means, such as additional supplies, artillery or technological innovations, whether planes or tanks, that players will have the possibility of dominating the enemy.

In The Great War : Western Front, victories and defeats affect the national will of each faction. This will determine the outcome of the conflict if it is reduced to zero. Commanders can also attempt to change the outcome of the war by repelling enemy forces and seizing their headquarters. These are highly defensive positions that require significant res to capture, but which achieve the ultimate goal: an immediate end to the war.

Regions not only have varying power levels, but are also marked by previous battles. Thus, they retain the existing trench networks and create rapidly deteriorating battlefields, reflecting the reality of the First World War. By returning to the battlefield of a previous significant victory or defeat, players can use this living and persistent terrain to their advantage, committing res to reinforce key positions and reduce future expenditures to gain an advantage.

The Great War : Western Front will launch on PC in 2023.

The Great War: Western Front presents a first look at gameplay

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